Improving The “World” Series…

…or, I Swear This Isn’t All Just An Elaborate Plot To Get The Blue Jays Into The Playoffs (Even If They Lose).


Current format: A whole bunch of American teams play each other and the winner is crowned World Champion.

Proposed format: The top American teams play each other and the winner is crowned National Champion. (Or American Champion, I’m not very picky.) That plays out exactly the same way that the “World” series does now.

But guess what happens to the National Champion?

They get to play the Blue Jays for the right to be called World Champions Of Baseball.

Rationale: I like the Blue Jays. I also hate anything that’s incorrect, and calling something the “World Championship” when you’ve only had a non-American team involved 5 times in the entire history of the event. I had the number 16 copy-pasted here but I’ve forgotten why I wanted to use it.

More after the jump. (I’m refining this as I go, so try to bear with me. Please?)

This year’s results using that method (American League in blue, National League in red):

  • East: Yankees
  • Central: Twins
  • West: Angels
  • Wild Card: Red Sox
  • East: Phillies
  • Central: Cardinals
  • West: Dodgers
  • Wild Card: Rockies

And whoever comes out on top gets to play the Jays in the World Series.

Uh-oh… the Blue Jays probably don’t do a very good job of representing the entire rest of the world. Also, if they consistently lose the World Championship to the best team in baseball, does that make them consistently second-best? Yeah, I love them, but I don’t think so either.


Proposed format: Just take the top 8 teams from BtB’s End of Season Power Rankings, slot them into a bracket, and then let them fight it out.

Rationale: Team Quality Index is currently the closest thing to a happy medium between what actually happened (runs scored, etc.) and what should’ve happened (where you run into the no-man’s land of tRA and the like). This year, 6 of the top 8 teams were from the AL, and 4 of those were from the East.

The Rays, the Jays, and the Rangers each got locked out of the playoffs this year simply because of the way the divisions and leagues are structured.

This year’s results using that method:

  1. Yankees
  2. Rays
  3. Red Sox
  4. Rockies
  5. Dodgers
  6. Blue Jays
  7. Angels
  8. Rangers

Uh-oh… the Central isn’t represented at all, and the NL hardly is.


Proposed format: The same as Method 2, except you take the top 4 teams from each league instead of the top 8 overall.

Rationale: It seems fairer. It appeals to a bigger market.

This year’s results using that method (shown with team’s expected record):

  1. Yankees (104-58)
  2. Rays (97-65)
  3. Red Sox (96-66)
  4. Rockies (93-69)
  5. Dodgers (92-70)
  6. Blue Jays (90-72)
  7. Phillies (85-77)
  8. Cardinals (83-79)

Uh-oh… the AL East can’t really be this much better than the rest of the league, can it?

I guess it is. I’m sticking with Method 3. Next year, I’ll come up with something even more convoluted and weird. And no, I can’t explain how the Jays’ actual record was 15 games worse than their expected record.

Well, that’s all you’re getting this week from me and all zero of my pals over at Operation Get The Blue Jays Into The Playoffs (Even If They Lose). Next week, the royal “we” will direct “our” acerbic wit towards the MVP award.

2 thoughts on “Improving The “World” Series…

  1. Wish I could explain that 15 game difference too. My guess would be the unbalanced schedule. (Which is why Doc should have won the Cy over Cliff Lee last year.)

    And yes, the AL Central is that bad. Twins record vs. AL East: 10-22 Jays vs. AL Central: 23-15

    I vote for option 3 as well.

  2. There’s a fundamental flaw – ok question – here. Which is: what does it even mean for a team to be “American”? Many of the players are from other countries anyway, and the Jays aren’t really Canadian (except for a couple of them. So the Baseball World Cup and the World Classic, flawed though they are, come closer to resolving this “world” terminology. For me anyway.

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