Surprise, Surprise

[picapp src=”1/8/0/4/Phillies_vs_Rockies_97c5.JPG?adImageId=5354792&imageId=6791246″ width=”500″ height=”500″ /]

Since Monday is almost over and your writer is way under the weather, I’ve decided to go with one of my favorite things to do – CAPTION THAT PHOTO!!

The defending World Series champs just took the NLDS in 4 games moments ago, defeating the Rockies 5-4 after a .  This brings to question the possibility of a Mets fan’s worst nightmare: a Yankees vs. Phillies World Series, but it also made for some incredibly interesting photos to caption.  Take your pick from either the title pic or the choices after the break in congratulations to the postseason victors and have fun!

(sorry Maggie) ANGELS SWEPT THE BO SOX SATURDAY and came back in the 9th after being behind 6-4 in the 8th with a 7-6 win.

[picapp src=”c/a/d/7/Boston_Red_Sox_46b8.jpg?adImageId=5356549&imageId=6763789″ width=”500″ height=”316″ /]

Pls to caption Kendry Morales and his bendability

Yanks swept the Twins Saturday with a 4-1 win (and a 2 run homer from A Rod).  However, Friday night, a somewhat bullshit homer came from Teixeira which won Game 2 for them in the 11th inning.

[picapp src=”c/0/f/5/New_York_Yankees_b854.JPG?adImageId=5357170&imageId=6763915″ width=”500″ height=”737″ /]

Gross, but pls to caption….this…..

Last but not least, the Dodgers swept the Cardinals with a 5-1 win Saturday.

[picapp src=”9/2/c/4/National_League_Division_0b5b.JPG?adImageId=5357953&imageId=6773163″ width=”500″ height=”735″ /]

Pls to caption Broxton and….whatever he’s doing….

And PS: While this did result in a sack, this imagery more or less sums up the shape that the Bills are in so far this season. Sad Buffalita.

[picapp src=”1/f/1/7/Cleveland_Browns_v_0902.jpg?adImageId=5358560&imageId=6782057″ width=”500″ height=”357″ /]

2 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise

  1. Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton captivates the masses with his heartfelt rendition of “The Greatest Love of All”. In the press conference that follows, Broxton reveals he will keep his day job.

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