Trash Talking With Twitter

It’s no secret that athletes love Twitter. And fans love that so many athletes are a part of Twitter. I’m sure for many people Ochocinco’s Twitter is a daily source of entertainment. Athletes use Twitter for anything and everything; most of the time it is all in good fun. But it seems that some are using their Twitter account to rant and do a little trash talk. Now, I’m not uptight and have no problem with a little bit of trash talk before a game. However, I do have a problem when it is so incredibly corny or just straight up wrong. I think that if any athlete is going to use their Twitter to talk a little smack about their opponent, they should really do a better job than these people.

Actually Henson, you're the dim wit!

Actually Henson, you're the dim wit!

Meet Robert Henson (I didn’t know who he was either until this story)! You want to talk trash about the team you’re facing? That’s cool. You want to talk trash about your team’s fans? Not cool! Not cool at all! After Redskins fans booed the team, Henson called the fans dim wits and accused them of not being able to know what’s best for the team because of their 9-5 McDonald’s job! Say what?! I don’t even think most veteran players would have the balls to say this. The fact that Henson is a rookie makes it even worse. Having your own fans boo is frustrating. But tickets aren’t cheap, neither are the food and drinks at the game. These are rough times. If fans are shelling out boat loads of money, they expect, and deserve, something better than a 9-7 snoozefest.


Talking smack about the fans is probably the biggest no-no. But right behind there is trash talking the organization you play for; the one that is paying you. Chargers’ CB, Antonio Cromartie, took to his Twitter to complain about crappy food. He even hinted that the lack of gourmet food may be the reason the Chargers can’t seem to win the Super Bowl. Cromartie was fined $2,5oo and I’d say that’s pretty reasonable.  Just ask Milton Bradley, you could get a lot worse for talking smack about your team.


Like I said before, I have nothing against trash talk. I have no problem with any of the comments Jets’ safety made about the Patriots prior to their game. Those comments were made even sweeter because the Jets actually won. However, I do have a problem with the Twitter fight between Rodney Harrison and Kerry Rhodes that followed after Rhodes’ comment. You can read all that went down here. It’s basically a bunch of LOL’s and other nonsense. It even features a “u started it” by Rhodes. Yep a grown football player using a line we’ve all used when we were kids and getting in trouble for fighting with our siblings.


Is it any surprise to see T.O. featured in this post? I didn’t think so.  Mr. I-need-to-be-center-of-attention was at it again after the Cowboys’ loss to the Giants Sunday night. (Yay!! Just had to add that.) The days of crying over his quarterback are long gone for T.O. While I will say that T.O. does have a point with this statement – Owens was a problem for Dallas but hardly the only problem – this all just reeks of sour grapes to me. It seems as though T.O. is still bitter about Dallas getting rid of him. I don’t know why he would take it out on Romo. He never had anything negative to say about T.O. Also, he should give it up and worry about his own team.

It appears that only one person has gotten this whole Twitter trash talk thing right. That man would be Jason Eck, Ball State’s offensive line coach. He had this to say on his Twitter late last month: “Players off today……….unlike Michigan.” Short, sweet, to the point, and comical. Athletes could learn a thing or two from Eck.

3 thoughts on “Trash Talking With Twitter

  1. I think the Cromartie crack about the food is funny. I don’t think he deserved a fine for it.

    Robert Henson is an ungrateful prick. Fuck him.

  2. If I hadn’t known better I would have sworn the Harrison-Rhodes twitter fight was a couple of tween girls, not grown men. Seriously guys, act like you’ve got a pair.

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