Prince Fielder shakes his fist at Albert Pujols!

Ok, I don’t know that for sure, but I do have images of Prince Fielder throwing darts at a board with Albert Pujols’ face on it – let’s be honest, we’d all probably be doing the same thing.

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Because at just 25, Fielder is having a career season that almost no fans know about – and that will go unrewarded because Pujols is having a better one.

Last year, when Pujols won the MVP, he had 187 hits, 37 HR, 116 RBI and his line was .357/.462/.653/1.114 with 342 total bases and 104 walks.

When Jimmy Rollins won is in 2007, he had 212 hits, 30 HR, 94 RBI and his line was .296/.344/.531/.875 with 380 total bases and 49 walks.

With 12 games left in the season, Prince has 162 hits, 40 HR, 127 RBI and his line is .299/.413/.593/1.006 with 321 total bases and 101 walks.

In the past week, Prince has broken two franchise single-season records – RBI and walks.

Let that sink in for a moment – the guy has both driven in a record number of runs and been put on base a record number of times.

The RBI record has been held since 1983 by Cecil Cooper, who just happened to be managing in the opposing bullpen when Fielder hit the sac fly that broke his 26-year old record.

All this while playing for a team that hasn’t been in contention for months.

Plus, he’s the guy that keeps his team laughing and loose by doing things like this:

APTOPIX Giants Brewers BaseballA lot of people didn’t like it, but I’m all for anything that shows what a great team we have in our clubhouse.

162 games is a long time, especially when you’re under achieving and losing. So when you win a game on a walk-off homer, you’re allowed to release some tension. Sure, I’d have hated it if a team did it against us, but you can’t deny it makes you smile!

4 thoughts on “Prince Fielder shakes his fist at Albert Pujols!

  1. Not a Brewers fan, but I LOVE Prince. He is all kinds of awesome and seems like he is a lot of fun. I thought the celebration was hilarious.

  2. I can’t say enough about Prince. I usually find myself following the second-tier (in terms of popularity) guys on the Brewers’ roster – I’ll be the fan who buys the Hart or Bush player tee because there are way enough Fielders and Brauns in the stands already – but it is flat out impossible to overlook the 2009 Prince Fielder. I’m trying not to take him for granted, and I wish he had a different agent.

    By Sunday I’ll have been to 30 games this year, and the September 6 game will be near if not at the top of my favorites seen in person in 2009.

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