Filled with big blond guys who eat ivy and row boats

Watching the Ohio State/ USC game I was struck by two things…

1.  My beloved Buckeyes are not closers and will continue to break my heart in hyped up ball games.

2.  USC recruits Abercrombie models and turns them into NFL like football players.

While I despise USC, (thank you Washington for beating them last week) I, as do the other ladies around here, have a healthy appreciation for fine looking men.

So here is a little tribute to the beauty and wonder that is the USC football player.

Matt Leinart –  Personal feelings aside, I had to, he’s dreamy!

Matt Barkley- He’ll grow into his USC-ness!

Mark Sanchez- Wrote the book on being a football hottie.

John David Booty- I’m on the fence about this one but I’ve seen girls swoon.  Plus his name is sweet!

Matt Cassel – YUM!

Brian Cushing- Those arms!

Reggie Bush- No words necessary!

Clay Matthews – It’s the hair.

Troy Polamalu- What a cutie.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, feel free to chime in on your hotties of Southern California!

5 thoughts on “Filled with big blond guys who eat ivy and row boats

  1. The problem with tOSU is the OC or should I say the lack thereof. Tressel has always been to conservative/vanilla in his playcalling, which may have been tollerable w/the likes of Krenzel, but completely out of line when you have the pure athletic talent of someone like Pryor. That & it seems like playcalls so as not to lose rather than win.

    USC hottie-wise, my faves have to Maualuga and of course, one of my very first crushes, Anthony Munoz.

  2. Ahh Sanchez. He could maybe turn me into a Jets fan. Notice I said maybe. And FYI – Leinart may have picked something up from Paris Hilton, but I’ve stood like 2 inches from him and he is more gorgeous in person and smells wonderful. haha

  3. And here I thought the post was going to be about Harvard.

    I, too, love Matt Leinart, despite both the USC-thing and the fact that he came into contact with Paris Hilton. I have many pics of him from the AFC West game last year…I heart white football pants.

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