Lucky 1,300

This is officially the 1,300th post on our fine site and we decided to celebrate with a list of 13 very special hotties. Since we realized it was the 1,300th post pretty late, not every one of the Ladies… was able to join in the fun, but we picked a few individual hotties, plus some “all-time” hotties.

Follow the jump for the pictures!

CuteSports’ hottie -Joe Cole

Miss Minda’s hottie- David DeJesus

Raven’s hottie – Mike Green

Games Mistress’ hottie – Darrelle Revis

Crane’s hottie – Roy Halladay

Lady Bee – Derek Jeter

Buffalita – Danilo Gallinari

And the all-time hotties

Chase Utley-

Ryan Lochte –

lochte1300 Joe Mauer –


Sidney Crosby –

Reggie Bush –

Grady Sizemore –

8 thoughts on “Lucky 1,300

  1. Now, I adore Ryan Lochte, but he looks like a friggin’ woman in that photo. Good thing that wasn’t the first photo I’ve ever seen of him, or he would fall into my “do not want” category.

  2. Sid usually makes me tingle, so not a good screenshot here guys! (And WHO the eff messed with the dimensions?!)

    But he is wearing a three-piece suit. I repeat: a three-piece suit. MELT. And it needs to be ripped open RIGHT NOW

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