NFL Week 1: Things we’ve learned

I started about 17 different posts this morning and couldn’t really come up with enough ideas for one, focused post. Blame it on lack of sleep or ADD, but my head was all over the place and mostly still internally gloating about the Packers win over the Bears. So instead of being an obnoxious fan, follow the jump for some varied, quick-hit style thoughts on yesterday’s action.

* It’s going to be a really, really long Fantasy Football season for me. While I was drafting, it didn’t seem this bad, but I scored just 62 points against Lady Liz this week. My second highest scorer was my kicker. My quarterback had 4 points.

*Jay Cutler isn’t a mythical savior. Bears fans were brought back to earth last night when every weakness in their offense was exposed. The receiving corps is young, Cutler was frazzled and inaccurate and the supposed soul mate connection between Cutler and Greg Olsen resulted in just one connection – in the fourth quarter.

*Adrian Peterson’s presence means that Brett Favre really doesn’t have to do much to be considered successful this year. I heard a few analysts say that he wasn’t very good yesterday, but the team put up 35 points on the road, so he must be doing something right. Of course, if I handed off to AP for three touchdowns, I’m sure people would think I’m great, too.

*The NFC West is up for grabs. Holy hell did Arizona look bad yesterday. Maybe the last-minute activation of a less-than-full strength Anquan Boldin and the surprise in activation of Steve Breaston through Kurt Warner for a loop, but man did they look bad. After having control of that division for the past few season, Arizona was served notice by the 49’s that they’re going to give them a fight. And if Warner and Boldin don’t step it up, I’m going to have an even longer FF season. I’ve got Boldin on every one of my three times. Yikes.

*Quite a few teams have a lot to figure out. Somehow I doubt anyone could have imagined there would be so many low scoring games in the first week. Philadelphia had just 82 yards passing. Of course, they still won 38-10, which means Carolina has a lot of holes to fill. Three Panthers combined to throw for just 83 yards. Brett Favre threw for 110 yards. Aaron Rodgers, Chad Pennington, David Garrard, Matt Schaub and Brodie Croyle all threw for under 200 yards.

*First game injuries suck. Losing Troy Polamalu completely changes Pittsburgh’s defense. KC was all but at a standstill without Matt Cassel. Donovan McNabb has fractured ribs and Michael Vick can’t play until week 3. Tony Romo had a late post-game media session because he was having his ankle looked at.

*NFL Sunday Ticket is a time suck of epic proportions. Ok, maybe I’m the only one who learned this lesson, but I spent at least 9 hours watching football yesterday. I was giving myself a seizure with all my channel flipping. Add a Brewers baseball game at the 3 o’clock hour and I felt schizo. There may be such a thing as too much sports. We’ll see. I’m willing to test the theory for a few weeks to see how it plays out!

*It doesn’t matter how ugly it is – a win’s a win. Just ask Green Bay, Denver and Baltimore. Much like a late-inning triple play or a walk-off homer, there’s always a reason to stay til the very end. The 20 minutes you save in traffic aren’t worth missing the plays that happened after the two-minute warning last night.

*Preseason doesn’t mean squat. I was cautiously optimistic after the Packers’ preseason performance and last night was a prime example of why. Sure, the Packers won, but they scored just 21 points while making four interceptions. That’s not going to cut it against better teams and better offenses.

*There’s no win that feels better than when your team beats its rival. I’ve got a big grin on my face still and I can’t wait to go to work where some loud-mouthed coworkers are going to be conspicuously tight-lipped today after the Bears loss. I’m not proud of it, but that will totally make my Monday!

1 thought on “NFL Week 1: Things we’ve learned

  1. I have to grumble about the Packers winning because Greg Jennings scoring put my brother ahead in my other fantasy league. Of course, none of that would have mattered if STUPID JASON ELAM COULD KICK FIELD GOALS.

    Also I am ecstatic about the Jets win. The defense looked great, and Sanchez exceeded my expectations. I’m feeling much better about this season.

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