Hump Day Hottie: NFL Coaches Edition

A preview of things to come?

A preview of things to come?

So we all know who the hot players are, but do you know who the hot coaches are?  With the new trend of hiring younger coaches, the NFL has provided us with a new crop of hotties.  Instead of the coaches reminding you of the old, creepy man who hangs around the neighborhood (Brad Childress, I’m looking at you!), now they’re more like the hot, 30-something dad that moved in down the street! Yippee!

Take a trip with me after the jump where we explore some hot NFL coaches!

First up…

Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

While it’s hard for me, a die-hard Ravens fan, to accept the fact that Mike Tomlin is hot, I have put that shame aside to bring his hotness to you.  I’ve heard people compare him to Omar Epps.


Josh McDaniels, Denver Broncos

I’m thinking that Josh chased Jay Cutler out of town because he wanted to be the main hottie on the sideline! (Not that I think Cutler is that hot).  I’m definitely watching more Broncos games this season!


Last but not least…

John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens

I was smitten with John the second the Ravens hired him as head coach.  He is just too adorable.  Watch any interview with John where he is all smiles, and I dare you not to smile, as well.  I just love him!

And because I can…a bonus shot of Mr. Harbaugh.  This was taken when he went to support my other team, the Maryland Terrapins!

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