Ladies… Linkups: I laboured/labored for hours over this

Earlier this week, Raven shared her thoughts on athletes and the use of social media. Today we return a shout-out to Crazy Lil Sports Lady with her take on the topic. [Crazy Lil Sports Lady]

Somehow, this didn’t really surprise me. [ESPN]


Let your voice be heard! It’s time to vote for the Pam Ward Chronicles. [Awful Announcing]

And finally, some thoughts and advice to women athletes heading back to college. […Because I Played Sports]


Jon Garland, one team ago. Still cute.

Rejoice! The long weekend is almost here, however you want to spell it.

3 thoughts on “Ladies… Linkups: I laboured/labored for hours over this

  1. Good selections. Ken Griffey still makes me smile-he’s such an adorable goof!

    BTW, I know there isn’t a Foodie this week, but the chicken and the cobbler turned out amazing! Thx for the recipes!

    • You’re very welcome! Oh…the cobbler. We’re taking a road trip tomorrow to seek out fresh wild New Brunswick blueberries. YUM! More cobbler to come at my house.

      A new Foodie on the way soon! Think chili.

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