Are you ready for some football?

Earlier this week, The Ladies…held their fantasy football league draft. I couldn’t make it, as I was busy shoveling fondue into my face at dinner with my lovely husband. I let the drafting system autodraft my team, and…let’s just say that I don’t suggest doing that. Somehow I have six quarterbacks (if you can call Kyle Orton a quarterback at this point, which I don’t) and one defense. The fact that said defense is Miami is making me consider spending the entirety of the season drinking heavily, because I am so screwed.

Lesson learned: Draft your fantasy football team first. Then celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Anyway, we here at The Ladies… wouldn’t be The Ladies… if we didn’t bring you a little objectfication along with your football. We decided to pick the hottest members of our own teams, and to bring some lovely photographic evidence to you. You know, because we care. Abs, sweat, and football hotness after the jump.


Chad Pennington. Duh.

Lady B:

Tampa Bay’s Kellen Winslow puts the tight end in “Tight End.” I’m digging these abs:


I’m still at work, so I had to go through all the hassle of looking up
my team on my phone because I couldn’t remember who I had, all to find out
none of them are hot! Boo sad!


Oh, dear. I figured this day was going to come someday. See, I have this sicksaddirtywrong crush and I don’t like to admit it, because even thinking about it makes me want to take a shower and then go through several rounds of STD testing, but….well, it was going to come out some day. Might as well be now.

I hate myself. Will gratuitous Braylon Edwards make up for it?


Mason Crosby, for sure. Love that boy.


His hotness is the only reason I drafted a kicker higher than I should have.

Games Mistress:

Either Romo:

or Dustin Keller:

Since somebody beat me to the Jets defense so I can’t claim Kerry Rhodes.

Lady Liz:

I don’t have the best looking team. As far as good looking guys, I would have to go with Jason Witten.

(This post’s author cops to the fact that the whole ‘Witten completes the play sans helmet’ was simultaneously kinda hot and kinda nervewracking, and she’s married to a rabid Eagles fan. Expect word of a divorce shortly.)

Oh, football, you really can’t get here soon enough.

7 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football?


    Also, seriously. How can you pass up all the Patriots?? There’s gotta be at least one worth drooling over. Maybe?

  2. Maggie, Shockey’s on my fantasy team and I drafted him embarassingly early. I’m not proud of my behavior but I. cannot. help. it. The man is my kryptonite!

  3. I love the Crosby vid.

    Noone should be embarrassed for their drafting reasons. I picked Shiancoe based almost solely on his “towel malfunction” of last season! :P

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