Hump Day Hotties: AFC & NFC South

Some of us Ladies have been looking forward to football season, so I thought what better way to get everyone hyped than to feature a hottie from every NFL team.  Each week for the next four weeks, we’ll be featuring lesser-known hotties from an AFC and NFC division.

So far we have featured hotties from the AFC & NFC North, East and West. This week is our final installment.  So take the plunge, and follow me after the jump to get a peek at some hotties from the AFC and NFC South.


Tennessee Titans

Cortland Finnegan, CB

At the suggestion of commenter LittleMoe, I’m going with Cortland Finnegan as the Titans rep.  There really is a lack of hotties on the Titans roster, so this was the best I could do.  I’m not a fan of the hair, but other than that, Cortland is not too shabby! Thanks Moe!!


Indianapolis Colts

Matt Giordano, S

So I had no idea who I would use for the Colts until I started taking a look at headshots.  I saw Matt’s photo and immediately went to Google images.  The one photo that made my jaw drop was unavailable, so you’ll just have to google him yourself, and I’m sure you’ll know which one I loved.  Meanwhile, these will just have to suffice.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Eben Britton, OT

I’m usually not a fan of offensive tackles, but Eben wasn’t bad looking.  I have to admit that I had saved the South divisions for the very last week because it was hard to find decent, undiscovered hotties on these teams.  So Eben is the best I could do with the Jags. lol


Houston Texans

Owen Daniels, TE

Originally I was going to use DE Anthony Weaver because I’m friends with him on myspace, but I found Owen in the process.  Maybe if the Texans increase their quotient of hotties they’ll win more games. I do think there is some type of correlation!




Atlanta Falcons

Coy Wire, LB

So in most of Coy’s pictures he’s bald. I’m fine with that.  I’m not a Mr. Clean fan, but Coy’s baldness suits him.  I found pictures of him with hair, and let’s just say being bald works for him. I should add that I kinda, sorta love the first picture. haha


New Orleans Saints

Darren Sharper, S

I have loved Darren since he was with the Packers.  I didn’t even realize he was with the Saints until I went looking at the rosters.  I thought he was still with the Vikings and reunited with Brett Favre. Whoops! I wanted to put Reggie Bush here, but we all know about him.  He’s hardly an unearthed gem.  So I went with Darren.  He’s a veteran, but he’s not exactly a household name.


Carolina Panthers

Josh McCown, QB

Poor Josh.  I feel sorry for mediocre NFL QBs.  I seem to have a soft spot in my heart for them.  So when I saw that Josh was now with the Panthers, I had to include him.  Plus the bottom photo of him with his daughter is so precious!


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh Freeman, QB

You may remember Josh from our earlier NFL Draft of Hotness.  I know I never forgot him, and I knew I would include him on this list.  Josh has a decent shot of starting for the Bucs this year, but then again the Bucs always seem to have issues at the QB position.  Anyways, here’s some more Josh Freeman love from the Ladies!


So as I said before this was the final installment of our undiscovered NFL hotties preview.  It was definitely quite a task finding hot guys that you may or may not have heard of on every NFL roster.  I tried to steer away from the obvious NFL hotties that we all know and love and introduce you all to some new faces.  Let’s wish all our hotties a good season (except when they’re playing your favorite team, of course!).

PS – And for anyone who is curious, I ordered the boys by how I thought their respective team would finish in its division. We’ll see how right I am come January!

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