It Could Only Happen To The Mets


So yeah. That happened. The Mets are down 6-0 before they even came up to bat, and they managed to make a decent comeback effort throughout the game. It’s now the 9th inning and it’s 9-6. Pagan is safe at third on a crazy error. Castillo comes up and he’s safe due to another error by the idiot 2nd baseman Bruntlett, and Pagan scores. Now 9-7, Phillies still up. Then comes Daniel Murphy, who safely gets to first. We now have the tying runs on base with NO OUTS. Then my personal favorite Franheart comes up (sarcasm detection by my regular readers). And what does he do, my dear fellow fans?  He line drives straight into the hands of Bruntlett (who more than made up for that previous error). Out 1. Bruntlett steps onto the 2nd base bag. Out 2, Castillo had too much of a lead. Murphy’s coming right at him, does a little loop de loop, and probably soils himself as he is tagged for out 3. That’s right. 3 outs, all made by one person. Game over, just like that.

Oh history.

Just for the sake of embarrassing my poor team further, let’s do a little history lesson, shall we boys and ladies? This UNASSISTED TRIPLE PLAY is only the 15th to EVER OCCUR IN HISTORY.  The photo above is from when Bill Wambsganss accomplished this feat in Game 5 of the 1920 World Series. This play made by Eric Bruntlett is only the second game-ending unassisted triple play ever, with the last one being in 1927. While this has happened a handful of times in the last decade, it is otherwise one of the most rare occurrences in baseball (along with four home runs by the same player in a game), as Major League Baseball went over 40 years without seeing one since the game ending one in 1927. And while it’s not entirely the Mets’ fault (had it been a better, higher line drive to the OUTFIELD, FRANHEART) because really, how can one predict such a ridiculous thing, but it was an admirable play by Bruntlett.

Yes, Franheart. Please hang your head in shame.

Yes, Franheart. Please hang your head in shame.

So yes, Mets, I salute you on somehow accomplishing something so rare and so ridiculous that not only have you made history, it’s even somehow convinced the Mets’ front office that they need to keep Omar. Yup.

Yeah, keep shrugging jerk

Yeah, keep shrugging jerk

Is it time for football yet?

5 thoughts on “It Could Only Happen To The Mets

  1. Poor Mets and their fans, hang in there guys at least next year has to be better right?

    I can totally empathize since my Reds are having that same type of bad luck season (albeit w/a lower payroll). (Srsly, Harang just had an emergency appendectomy yesterday. I am so relieved football is nearly here.)

    • Seriously about Harang? I’ve been out of the sports loop for the past few days, and hadn’t heard that. I’m kinda glad now that I dropped him off my fantasy team a few weeks ago. lol

      Didn’t the Rockies turn a triple play a few seasons ago? I thought I remember that happening. I would say it was definitely within the past 4 seasons.

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