Hump Day Hotties: AFC & NFC West

Some of us Ladies have been looking forward to football season, so I thought what better way to get everyone hyped than to feature a hottie from every NFL team.  Each week for the next four weeks, we’ll be featuring lesser-known hotties from an AFC and NFC division.

So far we have featured hotties from the AFC & NFC North and East. This week, follow me after the jump to get a peek at some hotties from AFC and NFC West.


San Diego Chargers

Steve Gregory, DB

So let me tell you how hard it was to find a hottie that you’ve never heard of from the Chargers.  All the guys that I had remembered as being hot were no longer Chargers!  Bummer!  So I did some research and found Mr. Steve Gregory.  Not only is he good looking, he’s very active in the community.  He spends a lot of his free time working with kids.  Either that or tweeting on Twitter!

Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Cassel, QB

So when I started putting this list together a few weeks ago, I had totally forgotten that Matt Cassel had been traded to the Chiefs in the off-season! Forgive me, I wasn’t in football mode quite yet.  So because I had forgotten about him, I’m making sure you don’t.  And for you baseball fans, I included a photo of Matt and his older brother Jack who pitches for the Astros.

Denver Broncos

Tony Scheffler, TE

For some reason last season, I tended to watch a lot of Broncos games.  And for some reason, I had never noticed Tony Scheffler.  Maybe he didn’t play much, but I think it was just me focusing on Brandon Marshall getting more catches and TDs. (Hey, he was on my fantasy team!)  Anyway, I know about Tony now, and I won’t be forgetting about him either.

Oakland Raiders

Slade Norris, LB

Boy am I glad I took on the assignment of looking for hidden hotties in the NFL.  Slade Norris is a name that I will not soon be forgetting.  How have I missed this gorgeous guy?  He even played against my Terps in the Emerald Bowl in 2007 when he was with Oregon State.  I’m a little disappointed in all these hotties I have missed!


Arizona Cardinals

Stephen Spach, TE

You have no idea how hard it was for me to resist posting pictures of Matt Leinart.  Really.  It was hard.  That was until I laid eyes on Steve Spach.  Hello Steve!  I unfortunately found out that Steve was married. Dang.  You can see him and his wife in one of the below photos.  It was really hard to find pictures of Steve, but I did find out he is one of 11 kids!

Seattle Seahawks

Jordan Kent, WR

So Jordan is hot.  I had a hard time picking a Seahawk, but I was sold when I saw Kent.  Jordan played basketball, football and ran track when he was at Oregon.  He was the first three sport NCAA athlete since 2001-02.  Jordan ultimately chose football.  Thank goodness!

San Francisco 49ers

Alex Smith, QB

Ok, so Alex isn’t exactly a hidden gem, but let me have Alex if I can’t have Matt Leinart! Alex is currently Shaun Hill’s backup in San Fran, and he hasn’t been panning out so well since the 49ers drafted him.  Did I mention that Shaun Hill went to Maryland?  No? Oh, well Shaun went to Maryland.  I used to see him all the time in my stairwell sophomore year, and he always said hi to me.  Wait. We’re supposed to be talking about Alex Smith.  He’s pretty.

St. Louis Rams

Kyle Boller, QB

Ahahahaha…I knew I would manage to post pictures of Kyle Boller on this blog sometime!  I have legit been in love with Kyle since the Ravens drafted him back in 2003.  Baltimore didn’t seem to agree with Kyle, so he moved on when his contract was up at the end of last year.  I was always a Boller supporter, and I blame Brian Billick for throwing him to the wolves his rookie season.  I didn’t have to look far for some hot pics of Kyle.  I have folders of photos of him on my computer.  Shut-up…I’m not a stalker!  Kyle and I are still on a slight timeout since he didn’t come over and sign my rookie-year Boller jersey at training camp last year.  But I’ll begrudge him “Hottest Ram” status.

10 thoughts on “Hump Day Hotties: AFC & NFC West

  1. You have no idea how hard it was for me to resist posting pictures of Matt Leinart

    It would have been easy for me. Matt Leinart repulses me. I gotta say, I’m not totally feeling this list, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Slade Norris.

  2. HELLO Slade Norris!!!! Keep the hair longer lol Raven you asked about hot Titans…good luck. The only Titan I find remotely hot is Courtland Finnegan.

    • It’s all good now…wait until the season begins and the follies start piling up. You might change your tune. I love Kyle, but he’s not the best QB. I hope he does well with the Rams, don’t get me wrong, it’s just I’ve seen him play his entire career. For every game he looks like a stud, expect at least 5 or more where he looks like a dud. But his upside is he is so dang pretty! lol

  3. For the Broncos how about thier pretty FB, Peyton Hillis. In seattle the beef is either TE John Carlson or WR Logan Payne. And I too love….. Kyle Boller but don’t forget about big and beautiful Chris Long!

    • Chris Long doesn’t do it for me. I think the fact that he went to Virginia contributes to my dislike.

      I have to say that this task was a lot harder than I thought. Trying to find guys on every single NFL team that are a) remotely attractive, 2) fairly unknown or unheralded and c) will most likely make the final roster is pretty tough. Especially since the best way to narrow down the roster is looking at headshots!

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