A tale of two teams.

In the immortal words of Song #2: WOO HOO!

In the immortal words of Song #2: WOO HOO!

Let me ask you something.

Team A won their 11th Premiere League title just last season. (The second, mind you, in a row.) They’ve been essentially unstoppable for years, and you can always depend on them to be at the top of the standings every year. They’re the Yankees of the Prem League, in essence.

Team B hasn’t played a home game in the Prem in 33 years. In fact, the team that last defeated them, leading to Team B’s loooooooooong slog in relegated hell? Team A. In fact, Team B hasn’t managed to win one single solitary game against Team A in 41 years. (And I bitch when the Sox lose four in a row to the Yankees.) Oh, sure, Team B wasn’t in the Prem for 33 of those 41 years, but that’s still eight years of getting their asses handed to them over and over again. Team B was so terrible they almost left the Football League entirely ten years ago. (The post-Bond Pittsburgh Pirates of the Prem League, as it were.)

Anyway, Team B is finally promoted. They’re going to get to play with the big boys again. What do the scheduling Gods do to them? Naturally, schedule them to start against Team A.

Who wins the game?

Team A, right?

Nope. Team B.

In today’s match against Big Bad Manchester United, Lowly Burnley came out on top, thanks to a volley from Robbie Blake.

The team that everyone had left for dead ten years ago defeated the reigning champions on their first day back in the Prem. They may cut a shocking swath through the Prem League, or they may not. They may not win another game this season. They may be relegated again at the end of the year with just this win to their credit. Even if they wind up back in relegation hell at the end of this season,their fans can talk about the day they came back to the big leagues to beat Big Bad Man U, and that’s pretty awesome, no matter what else happens.

Congratulations, Burnley. Congratulations to the team, but more importantly, congratulations to your long-suffering neighborhood supporters. We’re sure today tasted even sweeter than you ever thought it could.

PS: Suck it, Man U.

4 thoughts on “A tale of two teams.

  1. As a Chelsea fan seeing that score this afternoon gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling :) … If you have an iphone or blackberry http://www.moodio.fm lets you stream the audio live

    Can we have a hump day hottie post of EPL players, preferably w/ some Chelsea boys

  2. Arsenal not only thrashed their opponents to a tune of 6-1, the Gunners have their share of international hotties if you ladies so desire. As your CNN is now trying to stay hip, just sayin’.

    Now I will go and wash my mouth with soap after taking tips of hip from CNN.

  3. I think the major league sports around here should have relegation, that way maybe some of them would play like they cared. I’m talking to you Royals.

    Thanks for this story – I hadn’t heard – it’s pretty awesome!

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