Calling An Audible…


The return of football to my television screen has left me delighted… yet wanting more!  So I pulled out my collection of football movies to satisfy my hunger and notice that a killer soundtrack is an essential ingredient in gridiron story telling.

For your viewing and listening pleasure, I present you with a few great tunes and some killer clips to lead us into the greatest time of the entire year… FOOTBALL SEASON!!!

Starting things off with a bang…

Any Given Sunday takes the cake for ridiculous pigskin flicks and Jamie Fox kills it in his mock music video!

Marky Mark, football, and an insane 70s best of soundtrack… yes please!

Like a soundtrack for Rudy needed words!

Long live Shane Falco from THE ohio state university and his goofy dancing!

Fantastic shower scene!

Ohh Nelly, you sure know how to make classics! Here comes the BOOM!

So cheesy, yet so necessary!

If you’ve ever seen Brian’s Song and this doesn’t make you cry, you are not human!

Probably the greatest football movie/song association… wish I had a clip from Varsity Blues, alas, enjoy!

There are tons more from We Are Marshall, Radio, Express, Friday Night Lights, the original Longest Yard, Necessary Roughness, North Dallas Forty, the Program, etc., but I hope you’ve enjoyed this small taste!

3 thoughts on “Calling An Audible…

  1. When I was in HS, we played the Varsity Blues soundtrack non-stop! I always thought the defining song from that soundtrack was Hero by Foo Fighters. Everytime I hear that song, I conjure up thoughts of Varsity Blues. Well that and “Hot for Teacher” lol

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