Okay, we’re asking.

That's a waste of a perfectly good $7.50.

That's a waste of a perfectly good $7.50.

Say this happened in Philadelphia. How much time would everyone spend bitching and moaning about how awful Philadelphia fans are? I mean, we’d go from this to booing Santa Claus in like, six seconds flat, right? And everyone could shake their head and cluck their tongue against their teeth and feel that their fan base is just so much better than a city full of hooligans?

Sorry, but this is a pet peeve. Sure, we have (and had) our share of drunken idiots whose drunken exploits made us all look bad. Doesn’t every city? You’re trying to tell me that Philadelphia is the only city where folks get drunk and run with some hairbrained ideas? Someone ask William Ligue, Jr. about that, or the idiot who decided to see if the netting in Old Yankee Stadium could hold his weight. So why is it that Philadelphia is consistently singled out as being full of violent and destructive goons?

Look, I’ll give you the 700 level in Veteran’s Stadium. I’ve done some pretty stupid and cocky things (like sitting with the Creatures at a Sox/Yanks game in Yankee Stadium while wearing full-on Sox regalia) and even I never had the guts to go anywhere near those lunatics. But because one group of guys in one level of a defunct stadium were crazy people once upon a time, we tar the whole city with that brush? Doesn’t that seem a little ridiculous to you?

Whatever. It’s over, it’s done with, Shane filed a formal complaint, and the idiot who made all baseball fans look bad has turned himself in.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see what creative things the Linc crowd can come up with to howl at Tom Brady. (GO PATS.)

4 thoughts on “Okay, we’re asking.

  1. This sort of behavior not only happens at EVERY venue at some point, it happens a lot more at Wrigley than most would realize. Sure its a nostalgic old stadium and they’re the lovable losers or whatever, but that is no excuse for the media downplay just how bad so many attendees behave there. I’m glad that this is actually making national issue and that he is pressing charges. It’s high time they stopped getting a free pass.

  2. That kind of behavior is totally unacceptable! Okay, the guy confessed, but he should still do some time or a least pay a hefty fine. You don’t throw beer on the players! You don’t throw ANYTHING at the players! Someone could get hurt! Victorino was okay, but still, I’d be pissed.

  3. I am amazed how well Victorino handled the whole thing (then again, maybe I’m not, he’s a pretty classy guy). Still.

    Beer is only $7.50 at Wrigley? Lucky.

  4. This is what happens when too much alcohol is being served in public venues. If some drunken idiot can throw beer on a player doing his job, imagine what could happen when he gets in his car and starts driving?

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