Hump Day Hotties: AFC & NFC East

One of these three are representing the Cowboys after the jump. Who do you think it is?

One of these three are representing the Cowboys after the jump. Who do you think it is?

Some of us Ladies have been looking forward to football season, so I thought what better way to get everyone hyped than to feature a hottie from every NFL team.  Each week for the next four weeks, we’ll be featuring lesser-known hotties from an AFC and NFC division.

Last week we featured hotties from the AFC and NFC North. This week, follow me after the jump to get a peek at some hotties from AFC and NFC East.


New England Patriots

Wes Welker, WR

While Wes is fairly well-known now, I couldn’t not include him here.  Obviously some people have the hots for Mr. Brady, but I’m not one of them. (Sorry!)  I’m a Wes girl! One look into his eyes, and I was hooked.

Miami Dolphins

Joey Haynos, TE

So here’s some bias on my part: Joey is a fellow Terp alum.  I can remember sporting “Haynos is my Homeboy” and “Haynos for Heisman” shirts to Maryland football games.  But as you can see from the following pictures, he’s here for reasons other than my homerism.

New York Jets

Dustin Keller, TE

Dustin Keller is another name you might have heard of, but I think he’s adorable!  In doing my research of each team, I found out that Keller is a big ping pong player.  I thought that was worth noting. lol

Buffalo Bills

Derek Fine, TE

So I picked a lot of tight ends this time around. Sue me!  I think Derek’s last name says it all.  It was hard to find good pictures of Derek sans helmet.  I really tried my best.  Until the internets get wind of Mr. Fine, we’ll just have to make do with what we have for now.


New York Giants

Kevin Boss, TE

I’ve been in love with Kevin Boss for awhile now, so I’ve been waiting for the right moment to feature him in a post.  Well now’s the time.  Boss is going to be Eli’s TE for awhile, so get used to seeing his pretty mug on TV.

Dallas Cowboys

Jason Witten, TE

Are you sensing the pattern with Tight Ends in this post? I certainly am. I’m a big fan of Jason Witten.  It’s really a shame that his stellar play (and looks) took a backseat to the T.O. circus last year.  Although, T.O. did accuse Witten and Tony Romo of drawing up secret plays together.  If that’s true, I wish I was at the sleepover!

Philadelphia Eagles

Hank Baskett, WR

Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to Hank because all I knew him as was “That football player who dates Kendra”.  Well that guy is hot.  He’s now married to the Playmate (and expecting a baby Baskett on Christmas), and on Kendra’s reality show on E!  Yeah, he’s hot, too.

Washington Redskins

Colt Brennan, QB

Finally, some quarterback love!!  Colt set a bunch of NCAA records when he was with Hawaii, and now he’s apart of the Redskins where he backs up Jason Campbell.  Yeah, Jason Campbell rocks! (Do you sense my sarcasm?)  Hopefully, Colt gets a shot under center this season!

7 thoughts on “Hump Day Hotties: AFC & NFC East

  1. I don’t really like the Dallas Cowboys.. but Miles Austin is pretty good looking.. He was a rookie last year and they expect big things from him this year

  2. I’m with you on the inclusion of Wes Welker in the list. One shot of those baby blues buring out from that helmet and I was hooked!

  3. No mocking from me Moe! I’m a proud owner of a Romo jersey and it is NOT pink! Thankyouverymuch! *ducks as $7.50 beer is thrown my way!*

    And I absolutely didn’t realize that I had picked so many TEs from these divisions until after I compiled the list. I literally went to a roster page and just clicked every name and checked out head shots. lol But there’s no denying my TE love.

    I’m taking suggestions for some teams right now. Anyone have a Titan they think is hot? I’m having a hard time with this research! lol

  4. Great calls on Wes Welker and Joey Haynos. In the Bills nation the sex is simply, Paul Posluszny who the men call “Thor God Of Thunder” and the women call him, “thier next husband”!

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