Preseason Confessions: I dislike members of my team

Is that a bucket hat???

In other words, I hate TO. I do somewhat love to hate him too, so it’s all relatively easy for me. Yes, he’s a great player. Yes, he could really help out the poor Bills. But doesn’t matter – my mind is made up about him and I just plain do NOT like him at ALL. And in light of yesterday’s preseason lack of action, allow me to take a moment to rant now.

Wrong sport, bud

1. He does not play well with others.

It is a well known fact that TO is, well, crazy. Crazy good, yes. But going back as far as the 49ers, he was already talking shit about teammates and insinuating that they were gay to Playboy. Really? You really had to go there? Adding to his stupid mouthedness (that’s a word now), he apparently ‘wasn’t the one that got tired in the Super Bowl’ when he was with the Eagles (lets play the blame game!) and after running his stupid greedy mouth after pissing off management, away he went to torture another team: the Cowboys. He did lead the league with 13 Touchdown passes in the 2006 season, but still continue to go off on little temper tantrums. He ‘didn’t learn anything’ while under Parcels, spits like a pissy camel, and continues to have to spend his hard earned millions on fines from his stupid touchdown dances. So yeah, he doesn’t play super well with others.

Woulnd't it have been much funnier had he fallen backwards?

2. He’s cocky.

Too cocky if you ask me. I don’t care how good you are, I already think that no professional player of any sport is worth THAT much when there are so many other problems in the world including our own country’s recession, but dude, chill. Simma down.

3. He’s a crybaby. And that’s his quarterback.

Ok so I’m not really making fun of this, or the fact that he’s a crybaby. But come on. The man goes from screaming his brains out and fighting in the locker room to this?? Too funny.

Yeah, stuff that thing shut pls kthxbai

4. He supports low lifes like Michael Vick.

I’m having a little trouble verifying this one as of now, but I do remember seeing a few weeks back how he had tweeted something about supporting Vick. Sorry, but I’m not cool with people who are cool with dog torturing.

Look at me!! LOOK at ME!!!

5. PDA.

PDA standing for Public Displays of Asshole. Besides the countless times of bitching and spitting and just general asshole activity, he likes to do sit ups in his driveway. Look, people are even trying to do interviews or something! Yeah, and I sit out on my balcony in lower Manhattan doing Yoga for all of 8th avenue to see. What, that’s not normal?

Ok, so his body is pretty much amazing. So long as he shuts the hell up.

6. He has his own website AND tv show.

And it’s on the ever-respected celebreality network king VH1, so you know it’s good.  I honestly know nothing about the show, and will probably never force myself to watch it. But if you’re in the mood for some TO lovin’, check it out tonight and every Monday on VH1 at 10pm. And someone let me know how this crap is.

Long story short, yes he’s a seriously crazy good athlete and I recognize that and respect that. And yes he may help ‘put Buffalo on the map’. But I’m yet to see if he’s actually a good person, and to me that’s a big part of being a deserving admired athlete. So bring on the haterade – either for TO or for the author. But either way, I stand by my opinion until further notice. For now, Go Bills. It’s about the team, not one player.

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9 thoughts on “Preseason Confessions: I dislike members of my team

  1. For all the media coverage they receive, there are players in the NFL that are much worse, both on the field and off, than Owens and Vick.

  2. I feel the same way about Chad Johnson. I’ve hated him ever since his playoff game tantrum and I seriously doubt he will ever redeem himself in my eyes. I really wish they would’ve traded him when they had the chance and then kept TJ.

  3. When TO signed here in Philly, all my friends were falling all over themselves to love him. There were chants. There were songs. There was…me, sitting over in the corner, just waiting to be able to say ‘I told you so.’

    And then he did it AGAIN to the Cowboys. I don’t think I even need to bother saying it to Buffalo, do I? Watch out, kids. That second year’s a doozy.

  4. It’s okay to hate players on your own team. That makes you rational, and less of a homer. People aren’t automatically likeable because they’re wearing your fav. teams’ sweater.

    TO is an asshole. I hate the sound of his voice.

  5. I’m far from being TO’s biggest fan but I watched his show and I kinda see where all the angst comes from. His Dad lived right across the street from him and never acknowledged him. Growing up without my father has caused me to be somewhat bitter too. Sure he can put the brakes on his mouth sometimes but you’ve never heard of TO doing something criminal like, most dare I say, some black NFL players. Vick – dog killer. Stallworth – human killer. Brandon Marshall – alledgely beat his girlfriend, more than once. Adam Jones – too many to list. Yes, he’s destroyed teams from the inside out but maybe being in Buffalo will change his attitude about being a team player. I hope he realizes that he’s getting older. But from watching his show there are people all around him that want him to succeed and do whatever he can to be a productive part of his team. BTW, I don’t support what Vick has done but he’s done his time and like all of us he will be judged by a higher authority some day. I think he deserves a second chance. With that being said I support the Bills and I hope not only TO but the entire organization does well this season.

  6. HATE T O


    Paul is the face of the Bills and Y for one can’t wait unyil t o starts a fight with Poz. Posluszny will destroy the t o or as bills fans call him “the little princess”!

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