Life Imitating Art…

I know much as been said about the horrific trades that occured in Cleveland over the past week, but having been in C-town over the weekend, and having felt the pain of a city, I had to chime in on the debacle!

“The best selling jersey in Cleveland is the one that says Prospect!”  Truer words were never spoken!

DeRosa, Garko, a Cy Young winner for nubbins prospects, then mister Tribe himself, Victor Martinez… to the RED SUX!!! UGH!

Listening to Shapiro admit that it would be hard to win next year, yet trading a gem like Martinez, the only guy actually hitting in the line-up, makes no sense in any world!  Give it to us straight Shapiro, you’re trying to come up with the worst team in baseball to move to the team to Miami, aren’t you!

Hearing that Victor was choking back tears with his son on his lap asking if they were still Indians… unbelievable.  I would loved to have picked up my Victor bobblehead Saturday night and shoved it somewhere in the front office!

Class Act, Lost to Idiocy!

Class Act, Lost to Idiocy!

If the money isn’t coming in to be able to afford top of the line talent, alienating an entire fan base by getting rid of the guy that has been with the Tribe through thick and thin, is the absolute wrong way to go! The way you get butts in seats is by winning Shapiro! Put together a line-up to make it happen and stop with the “rebuiliding” or “next year” mentality! IT’S NOT WORKING!

It’s as if management is looking for the only successful players and dumping them! What next, GRADY!!???

If the next trade doesn’t involve Shapiro and Wedge… the Tribe have no chance of turning this thing around.

Why God? Why?

Why God? Why?

I’m sickened, I’m saddened and I’m pissed that an entire team is being ruined by an idiot in a suit!  At least I just purchased this lovely diddy…


5 thoughts on “Life Imitating Art…

  1. The Indians sadly have become nothing more than a mechanism for farm players to get established on the big league field, and then be traded to a “championship caliber” team. Or at least thats what it feels like. We bring up some of the best players in the league and then just hand them off for more prospects. It makes us the fans feel like the management cares nothing about us and the money we have put into this organization and it sucks. I did have a Major League flash back and it scared the crap out of me. I would die if the Indians left. We already dealt with that bull with the Browns being taken away.

    And yes, we are afraid of Grady being traded at some point before his contract is up. After all, they did trade 2 Cy Young award winners, 2 years in a row. No one is safe.

  2. I went to that game and indeed my Indians Victor Martinez bobblehead is sitting on my desk right now… even though he’s on the Red Sox. :O

  3. I was in The Bahamas when Victor and Cliff were traded. I found out Cliff was traded on the spanish Espn and i was like “okay i knew this would happen but we will be okay. we have Laffey and Pavono.” Then when i got back to Cleveland first thing i see on my paper and the news is “VICTOR IS GONE” and i just fell down on my knees crying! and My room mate/ best friend was like ” what happened” and im like “the indians traded… Vic” and we were sad for a long time.

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