Monday Evening Quickie: What would you pay to do?

I know I posted this morning, but this article was too good not to pass on and ask for feedback on.

The article talks about the Dodgers having an on-field yoga session with Andre Ethier, the Detroit Tigers allowing fans to pay to be Groundskeeper for a day, and tons of teams having cruises where fans can vacation with players.

Fans paid $100 a pop to practice yoga on the outfield at Dodgers Stadium led by Ethier, but the article says that at least half of the people said they’d pay that come back, without Ethier.

Would you?

How about this class that the local university offers here in Milwaukee that gives you a chance to have a Q&A with coaches and management, sit in Bob Uecker’s chair in the press box, throw in the bullpen and put on the Racing Sausage costume, among other things?

If it’s not yoga with Ethier, what would you pay big bucks to be a part of? Would the fact that your money went to charity make a difference to you?

Sure, we’d all pay money to meet & greet or get autos, but think outside the box – what kind of crossover could your team do to get you to shell out the bucks? Are you a fan of this creative money-making?

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