2009 Swimming World Championships

(Or, a great reason to post gratuitous pictures of Ryan Lochte)

Ryan won four golds at the 2009 World Championships in Rome. His big win came in the 200 meter IM, where he broke Michael Phelps world record. He also got gold in the 400IM, two relay golds and a bronze in the 200 backstroke.


“I felt really good,” Lochte said. “Any time you win a medal or break a world record, it makes you feel special. I knew I would have to swim faster than in previous rounds, but I think I can be even quicker. I will get back in the pool as soon as possible and train even harder.”

Phelps basically retired from this event after the Olympics last summer, leaving an opening for Lochte to step up.

As they said at the end of yesterday’s broadcast, Lochte solidified himself as the second-best swimmer in the world and the US has one hell of a one-two punch.

But enough of the details – I won’t pretend you care. Follow the jump for more pictures from the World Championships

SWIMMING-WORLD/Ryan Lochte,  Matt Grevers and Michael Phelps celebrate after teammate Nathan Adrian wins the anchor leg in 400 meter freestyle relay.

4x100freerelayPhelps, Adrian, Lochte and Grevers with their medals.

lochte200IMSwimming the 200IM

Lochte-Clary400IMLochte and Tyler Clary after the medal ceremony for the 4ooIM.

8 thoughts on “2009 Swimming World Championships

  1. Did anyone see Ryan’s grills? He bought them for his birthday, which I think was yesterday. He wore them during one of his gold medal ceremonies. It was hysterical. All the announcers kept saying was if you wanted to really party, you should party with Ryan. I kept asking the TV where I sign up! lol

  2. *speechless*

    Ehem, sorry, it’s just that he’s so gorgeous. That first picture? It’s mind boggling how one person could be so good looking.

  3. Goodness – that fourth picture is so close/hi def you can see the peach fuzz on his cheeks. Methinks some advancements in technology aren’t always so great :/

  4. I’m a great fan of lochte, think he’s a great swimmer, very smooth freestyle and an excellent finish.
    luca sacchi, former Olympics medalist, commented he is one of the world’s best swimmers very eclectic and elegant in all styles..looking for articles on us magazines on him..if you have scans let me know..thanks

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