MLB Hotties on the Move


No, no! He's not going anywhere!

Somewhere, in a vast wilderness where cell phones signals go to die and there is no SportsCenter, Crane is feeling a psychic wave of untold joy and relief. That’s because the trade deadline has passed and Roy Halladay stayed in Toronto. Hey, Riccardi, thanks for playing with the heads of Jays’ fans these last few weeks! There’s a special place in hell for GMs like you – right beside John Ferguson Jr.

It’s been a busy few days. Let’s put all the nonsense of PEDs and Papi behind us and concentrate on the actual game of baseball baseball transactions. If your fave player left on a jet plane today for another team and you don’t know when he’ll be back again (hint: check the team schedule), I’m sorry to hear that. On the other hand, if your team has been injected with newfound playoff hope, congratulations! Hope that works out for you guys! Unless you like the Red Sox, and then…you know how I feel.

Let’s start with the blessed Red Sox, shall we? They added some muscle to their lineup today in the form of Victor Martinez.

Gross Martinez Jul09

Sorry, wrong Victor Martinez.

Martinez Jul09
Bah-stan gives up some cuteness in the form of right-handed pitcher Justin Masterson. What were you thinking, Theo?

Masterson Jul09
Cleveland also received two minor league pitchers in the deal.

Dreams of a replacement for beleagered Yankees starter Chien-Ming Wang were completely effing destroyed when Seattle dealt Jarrod Washburn to Detroit for Luke French and a minor-league prospect.

Washburn Jul09

The Jays were not completely useless today. Scott Rolen – who asked to be traded for personal reasons (hmmm…) – is off to Cincinnati in exchange for Edwin Encarnacion, Josh Roenicke and Zach Stewart.

Rolen Jul09

Cabrera Jul09

Yes, Twins fans, that’s your new shortstop Orlando Cabrera. You gave up a minor league shortstop to Oakland for him.

Peavy Jul09

So Jake Peavy finally agreed to go to the Chicago White Sox. There’s just one problem – dude’s on the DL. He says he should be ready by the end of August. Before his ankle injury, he was 3.97 in 13 starts. Now is that really so bad when you pitch for the Padres?

Oh, and check out who the White Sox gave up…

Clayton Richard Jul09

That young lad is Clayton Richard. This leftie has a 4.65 ERA and 66 strikeouts. And has nice eyes. He is now in San Diego along with three other young pitchers – Dexter Carter, Aaron Poreda and Adam Russell.

Finally, the Yankees guaranteed a virtual lock for the World Series by acquiring Jerry Hairston Jr. from the Cincinnati Reds for a minor league prospect. Yeah, that’s the sarcasm talking.

Hairston Jul09

Wrong uni, I know, but just look at those eyebrows!

The trade deadline has passed! We can breathe again. Now let’s get out there and play ball.

P.S. Foodie Friday will be back next week – promise!

12 thoughts on “MLB Hotties on the Move

  1. Ahh I remember the days when Hairston was a mere rookie playing for the O’s. He always seemed to get hurt when he was with the O’s, and I told anyone and everyone that would listen that this kid, Brian Roberts, in AAA was going to be the man in Baltimore. I should be on the O’s payroll. It wouldn’t hurt, would it? lol

  2. It’s going to be so sad to see pretty little Clayton Richard in those funky alternate Padre uniforms. That might be the only thing today that really bummed me out. (My teams didn’t make any moves, and I’m OK with it.)

  3. Im thoroughly devastated about Victor Martinez leaving the Indians. The guy WAS the Indians. The Indians are nothing without Grady and Victor and its just ridiculous whats happening to our team. Ohio is just REALLY emo right now, haha.

    • I’m currently watching the Indians/Tigers game, and I could have sworn I saw an ad for Victor Martinez bobblehead night next week! That’s going to be awkward!

      • Yep that happened the day after he was traded. There was also supposed to be a childrens day where kids get a Victor Martinez chest protector, which is actually really cool. Most likely that got canceled though…hopefully. People showed up, got their bobblehead in honor of Victor, and promptly left. It is so sad seeing him in a Red Sox uni. BUT I LOVE how after Cliff got traded he pitched a complete, solid game with the Phillies, and Vic went 5 for 6. We have a front office full of gems I tell you.

  4. Just when I was about to fully erase John Ferguson Jr. from my mind, you bring the painful memories all over again. With Rolen traded and Halladay being jerked around for a month, worst trade deadline day ever.

  5. Although I’m more than pleased that my Reds have brought in Rolen, I’m sad to see Edwin and Jerry go (I happen to find Hairston cute despite those brows.) But at least the team actually made some moves this year.

  6. I would hate to have been an Indians fan this week. Being a Jays fan was hard enough (and Crane, you and I have to share a virtual drink and celebrate Roy staying). But watching your two stars get dealt and having to be resigned for no hope for both this year and next? Especially with the Lee trade being such bs? Oh man, that’s the definition of suck.

    Hope Scott Rolen’s family is ok. Usually the “family reasons” means either someone has a life-threatening disease or a divorce is in the offering.

  7. Great sports site man. I look forward to reading some more. I have a sports blog myself and I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know. Take care.

  8. Yeah, Clayton & his high leg kicks are on their way to SD…Peavy should be in just in time to play the Yanks at the end of Aout.

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