Theme Thursday: More Hockey

Don’t blame me! Blame last week’s winner, J!  She has selected our next trio of hockey players and wants you all to find the link.  I promise you it has nothing to do with animals playing hockey!

Guess the theme after the jump.

Sidney Crosby


Zach Parise


Ryan Malone


We found out how much you all love Zach Parise after yesterday’s post, but I bet you didn’t know that we already had him hiding up our sleeve!  Now whoever can guess the common link between these guys gets to pick their own theme for next Thursday’s post.


Oh and just in case you were wondering, here’s the video of that bear up there playing hockey. It’s actually quite awful and oddly strange.

9 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: More Hockey

  1. Wow Pam! Coming through with the answer in the first post! Guess J didn’t make it hard enough for you! lol

    Email us with your trio of athletes for next week’s post!

    • What can I say, this one was was right there in my wheelhouse. I’ll try to think of something that’s not just hockey!

  2. nice work Pam! I should’ve made it a little tougher – really, I just wanted an excuse to look at pictures of Sidney. ;)

  3. This site needs more Ryan “Bugsy” Malone. Wish you would of used the one of him shirtless, covered in tats, in the locker room.

  4. It’s true, definitely more Malone. Not only is that gorgeous smile one of the best in hockey, but a bit of YouTubing will show he’s super comfortable with the camera, and fun guys go a long way.

    But jeez the Kid is a damn fine man. Look at those hazels! Rawrrr!

    I miss hockey so much I could cry

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