Ladies… Linkups

Man, have I ever been cranky this week! First, I nearly choked on my evening beer a few nights ago when I saw this on CNN (please, don’t buy into that crap, America!) And then, the whole Roethlisberger thing, and the whole ESPN-waiting-nearly-a-week to report on the Roethlisberger thing (I’ll reserve comment and leave it to the writers at Feministing, who bring an excellent perspective on this. And for that matter, Erin Andrews.)

I think we could all use a little levity, no? I swear, Foodie Friday will be filed later today. I’m thinking dessert.

In the meantime, here’s your Ladies… Linkups for Friday (yes, this is new! Just go with it!)

Yeah, we still can’t stop talking about Buehrle, so check out the video: [Awful Announcing]

This earns my respect for mentioning hideous Canucks jerseys from early 80s: Nine Awful Uniform Changes [The Rookies]

The NFL announced they are extending the draft to THREE days with the first round airing on Thursday during primetime. Oh good! Because that’s a totally dead night for TV: It’s official — 2010 draft moves to prime time [Pro Football Talk]

Nothing to do with sports. Everything to do with public television: All The Way with Stephanie Kaye [The Dairi Burger]

Yeah, this is from last Monday but whatever. Magary cracks my shit up: Dear Pixar… [Deadspin]

It’s Friday and there’s a pipe band marching down the street as I type this. I’m not even kidding!

2 thoughts on “Ladies… Linkups

  1. I read about the NFL draft last night & my husband & I both agreed that it’s a stupid idea. Of course we’re the type of people (esp. me) who basically watch the draft from beginning to end the entire weeked, so it probably affects us more than the average fan.

    I’m a BDD/Magary fan myself. During football season I absolutely can’t wait for Thursdays so I can read the Jambaroo.

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