Dear Mr. Minaya, We Need To Talk.

You suck, Omar

So this happened. And it was while I was on my way out the door for a nice weekend out of the city 2 weekends ago. And now my poor boyfriend will not stop being angry about it. Omar, seriously – why??

Author’s note – I had started writing this post last week and decided against it amidst the excitement of the All Star Game, the Home Run Derby, and the Ladies… first live blogging events. But after this weekend with the Mets bombing against Francoeur’s old team and Church’s new team (Atlanta Braves), I had to say something.

So lets review. Ryan Church. .272 career batting average with .273 in 2009. 20 stolen bases. OBP for 2009 is .332 with .345 overall, and slugging average is .361, .442 overall. His weighted on base average is .307. He can hit, he can field, and he looks like this:

Ryan Church

…aaaaand this…

Like a curious toddler

And then there’s Francoeur. Jeff Francoeur, an outfielder that’s been with Atlanta all the way, has a .252 batting average with .266 overall. Not much lower than Church, but not overwhelming. 14 stolen bases. Yes I realize this isn’t that much lower than Church, and Church isn’t speedy mcspeedster to begin with. But you’ll get my end point at least. OBP is .282 for this season, and .302 overall, and slugging is .350, .423 overall. Finally, weighted on base average is .276. And he looks like this:

This is from ESPN, where they called him a "poster boy for disappointment"

This is from ESPN, where they called him a "poster boy for disappointment"

and this…

Stupid toothy face

oh and his batting face…

Keep your stupid teeth in your stupid mouth!

Seriously. Every time he goes up to bat I am filled with rage. Put your stupid teeth away, you’re going to get hurt!!!

Ok fine. Yes, this is a very biased comparison, and yes I can recognize that some people think he’s yummy (personally he looks too much like Will Arnett‘s younger brother to me). But I really just liked Church. And while this isn’t the worst trade ever, and Church isn’t overwhelmingly better than Franheart, we all can see my point which is we did not trade up. At all. We even somewhat traded down, since Franheart hasn’t been super hot lately. Yes, he won a Golden Glove. 2 seasons ago. We were perfectly fine with our somewhat decent, NOT INJURED outfielder that is Ryan Church. Why did we need this guy??

He hates puppies you know!

Actually it appears he doesn’t. Here he is, holding my favorite puppy in the world. Jerk.

Franc and a puppy. Jerk.

Plus, it appears that Franheart (yes I will continue to refer to him as such) and I share a birthday. Don’t care. Still not warming to him.

How do my fellow Metsers feel about this??

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4 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Minaya, We Need To Talk.

  1. as a braves fan, i also hate this trade. but it has less to do with ability (although, frenchy can throw the ball a country mile) than the fact that i’ve just always loved him. and now he’s gone.
    also, brian mccann is my favourite and i feel bad for him losing his bffer to an in-division rival.

    on the mets side of things, my dad’s a mets fan (we’re from north jersey) and he tells me several times a day how stupid this trade was.

  2. So angry. What kills me is that the Mets think that this improves them right now. If they were honest, and said, “yeah he sucks, but we think we can stop him from swinging at everything,” I could understand. But they think he’s a major leaguer at this point, which he isn’t.

    Fire Omar.

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