Tony Romo Makes Some Really Stupid Decisions

Romo Fumble

Sorry Dallas fans, this is by far my favorite Romo pic.

I am always conflicted about my feelings towards Tony Romo. I hate the Cowboys and I relish anytime he has a crappy game and they lose. However, as much as I try, I actually kind of like Romo. He seems like a genuinely decent guy. And I ALMOST feel bad for him at times. Of course never enough where I actually want to see him prove himself and win a playoff game. And God forbid, a Super Bowl. I shudder to think what the Cowboys fan base would turn into if they won six championships.

But this post isn’t about my love/hate relationship with Romo. This is about some of the ridiculous things Romo seems to do, including his latest decision.

You can’t entirely fault Romo for the Cowboys loss to Seattle in the 2007 playoffs. Sure he was the one who fumbled the snap. He was the one who tried to run it in for the goal and came two yards short. But it was easy to give Romo the benefit of the doubt on that one. It was his first year as a starter, he was playing on the road, and despite all that the team still only came without one point of winning the game. However, that game seemed to be just a preview of what the next two years would be like. He still has plenty of time to turn it all around but Romo totally reminds me of a someone who cannot play well under pressure.

This picture is wrong on so many levels.

This picture is wrong on so many levels.

Bust mostly Tony Romo’s problems seem to be his poor decisions off the field. Not to get all gossip blogger on everyone but going from Carrie Underwood to Jessica Simpson wasn’t the best decision. Jessica isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, and her dad is more than a little bit creepy. Whether he meant to or not, Romo came across as someone who cared more about his celebrity status than the game. Whether it really threw him off his game or not, going on a romantic get-away to Mexico right before an important playoff game wasn’t smart. Of course, Simpson really had nothing to do with their playoff loss to the Giants in 2008. It was all about the awesomeness of New York! (You know I had to add that in.) But either way, it wasn’t smart. The Cowboys fans are a pretty intense bunch. Being photographed gallivanting on the beach and then losing to a division rival a week later is not going to sit well with them.

Now Tony Romo has done something else that has left me asking, WHY?! I am talking about his funnyordie video. For starters, it isn’t particularly funny. You are a football player Romo, not a comedian. Start acting like one. Romo has messed up quite a few times in his real job. I just think that he should focus more on being a football player and doing something productive for his team, instead of running around Hollywood and making cheesy videos. Actually win a playoff game and then have some fun!

7 thoughts on “Tony Romo Makes Some Really Stupid Decisions

  1. Now that the second photo totally ruined my appetite…

    Just a general question: As a young (and honestly overpaid) athlebrity, is this a phase he’ll grow out of? A similar path could be seen in another piece of eye candy, Matt Leinart. He seems to be shaping up and staying out of the limelight (maybe? no hot tub pics yet this summer).

  2. I am repulsed by Tony Romo. He’s not that cute, and he’s fat! But what repulsed me the most was how he quivered like a giant sissy when he got popped on the chin against the Browns last season. I thought he was going to cry. Yuck.

    • Duhhh he’s fat! He’s a football player! Football players aren’t tiny little barbie dolls, you know! Leave Tony alone, He didn’t ask for your opinion, When he asks tell him untill then, Buzz off!

  3. Ok sorry I’m going to be the one standing up for Tony. First off, he made a great decision the other day when he decided to break up with Jessica Simpson. Of course, I hear he did it over text message which kinda sucks, but still good for him for getting out of that weird ass family! (I heard the final straw was that Jess wanted to have a Barbie & Ken themed birthday…uh hell no!)

    This video was basically making fun of himself and it shows he has a good sense of humor. It’s like Peyton Manning on SNL. I’m not a Manning fan, but I secretly fell in love with him after SNL. It’s one of my favorite episodes to date. I think it’s good Tony can make fun of himself and his situation.

    • I really didn’t find the Romo video funny. Peyton was actually funny on SNL. I just think that Romo needs to actually do something productive on the field, instead of doing all this stuff.He has become some what of a joke.

      But I do agree with your first paragraph. Dumping Jessica was a very good decision! Barbie and Ken themed bday party? He was smart to run away.

  4. The icing picture did him in for me. yuck, I got anything with #9 and Romo on it out of my house especially my kids jersey. Sold it all and bought Whitten and Ware.
    How can anyone have respect for him the way he leads his life. Sleazy girls and partying all the time? He’s supposed to be in a leadership position on the Cowboys and theres been NO leadership.
    He’s a big fat no muscle loser on and off the field.

  5. I too have ambivalent feelings towards Romo: I hate the Cowboys and Romo, but he’s seems like an okay guy…until he does something stupid.

    I think he focuses way too on improving his golf game then trying to actually win a playoff game. I was watching the celebrity golf tournament today and a commentator kept mentioning how Romo has been trying to qualify for the U.S. Open for the past couple of years and he finished 2nd today. Hello, dude needs to do something in his chosen profession like win a freakin’ playoff game before trying to step into Tiger Woods’ world.

    He’s really enjoying the life of as the Dallas Cowboys QB, but do hasn’t done anything to deserve any cred. This will definitely be a make or brake year for Romo since he’s loss about 350 lbs (T.O. and Jessica).

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