Foodie Friday: Mojitos

Behold my awesome phallic cocktail shaker!

Behold my awesome phallic cocktail shaker!

It seems that many of you are missing the recipes that made this site so delectable. Back when I just a mere follower of this site, I was always excited about The Starter Wife’s weekly foodie column (remember this one and this one?), so much that if I met her in real space I’d probably greet her with a Wayne’s World-style “I’m not worthy!” We know you love them, too! Don’t think I haven’t noticed that Clare’s PUDDING SHOTS are continuously listed in our Top Posts (and I CANNOT blame you! Must. Try.)

Let’s face it – sports, food and good company go hand in hand…in hand? And the Ladies… are all about giving you what you want. So we’re bringing it back, albeit on a quasi-regular basis. We’ll do our best!

I’ll start by winning you over with …mojitos!


Here’s what you’ll need:

white rum, enough for a shot…or two

1/2 can club soda

the juice of one lime (Reallime juice will do, but real limes are more fun)

2 tsp. white sugar

a few sprigs of fresh mint – about ten leaves, plus some for garnish if desired

First, add your mint and sugar to the shaker. Curse about the fact that something is munching away on the potted mint plant on your back step and making little holes in the leaves. Grrrr! Muddle the leaves by using the bottom of a wooden spoon or a pestle (if you have one) This releases the deliciously minty oils.


Slice your lime in half and save a sliver for garnish, if desired.


Squeeze the juice out of your limes and wish that you had a juicer like mine. His name is Lemmy.

Foodie Friday Mojito 4

Stir to ensure the sugar has dissolved. Then add your rum – one shot. Oh, two? Well, OK!


Let the concotion sit for a few minutes. Go stare at this random hottie in the meantime:


Shake your boozy mix and pour into a highball glass. Add some ice cubes. Then pour enough club soda until you get to the top.

Foodie Friday Mojito 6

Add a lime or sprig of mint for garnish. That’s it!

Foodie Friday Mojito 5

If you don’t have a shaker, you can always just mix your juice, sugar, booze and mint in your glass. I use the cocktail shaker to strain out the mint leaves, but some people like to keep them in. If you’re the designated driver tonight – and bless you if you are! – just omit the rum. It’s still awfully tasty!

Variations on the theme: try different flavoured rums, different mints (yes, there’s more than one!) or raw sugar.

We’ll come up with something to soak up the alcohol with in our next edition.

5 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Mojitos

  1. Love mojitos, but you should really make it with a simply syrup instead of granulated.

    Two parts sugar to one part water.

    Bring water to a boil.

    Add sugar; simmer until sugar is dissolved.

    Remove from heat and let cool.

    It keeps in the fridge for weeks for future use as well. I highly recommed it. Also recommeded for mojitos, adding equal parts fresh strawberry lemonade to the recipe. QUALITY beverage right there

    • Sounds divine! Thanks!

      I have heard about the simple syrup method as well. Certainly a good idea if you plan on making multiple mojitos for a party of Ladies…

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  3. Yay FF! I still get requests for the buffalo chicken dip I made from TSW’s recipe.

    I <3 mojitos! And the simple syrup is also the preferred method for making sweet tea as well.

    I can personally vouche for the strawberry mojitos-they are freakin' awesome! :)

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