Write Your Own Caption: All-Star Edition

Thanks to everyone who participated in our All-Star Game Liveblog! Here’s a highlight:
samerochocinco: what if there was a bench-clearing brawl during the ASG game?
Rockabye: Hits For Hunger seems like a nice way to refer to beating up soup kitchen visitors.
samerochocinco: great or greatest ASG if that happened?
Games Mistress: That would be AWESOME.
thistlewarrior: greatest.
Lady Bee: I’d be down with that
hawing: I’d want to see who was taken out before judging.
CuteSports: Dude, the AL would have no chance!
hawing: Prince could probably just move around and take people out.
samerochocinco: dustin pedroia would leave his pregnant wife to deck shane victorino
Games Mistress: True the NL does have a size advantage.
CuteSports: Ryan Howard – Prince Fielder – Yadi – Pujols?
Raven: tis the roids
Rockabye: The AL does have Obama advantage.
samerochocinco: jason bay would help take care of everyone after
hawing: I was going to say, Yadier has got to be a scrappy dirty player in a fight.
CuteSports: Prince does have experience beating up guys in the dugout
hawing: Jason Bay = Red Cross? :)
kcmichelle: fights are kind of sexy
samerochocinco: “gee whiz, dude, are you ok? that was quite a donnybrook you tussled in!”
Crane: Tim Lincecum would be useless in a fight because you could just pull on his hair
Games Mistress: Yadi’s the youngest of three brothers, hawing. That’s how you win.
samerochocinco: tim lincecum would hit people with his toy star wars lightsaber
Raven: if the AL was a gatorade machine…the NL would win if they had Zambrano
Crane: You know, I bet Brad Hawpe could beat people up for srs.
hawing: He survived all the knockdown dragout Molina fights.

If you weren’t able to hang out on the liveblog, we still have one more All-Star related game for you.  Caption this photo!!!

2 thoughts on “Write Your Own Caption: All-Star Edition

  1. I’m still awfully proud of my poll.

    And since I went to bed before the end, I need to know – did Fielder end up leg dropping anyone?

    • That was an awesome poll – I’d pay to see Fielder leg drop someone! The liveblog made a rather boring game much more fun!

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