We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

A new job and a four hour commute have stolen my internet and SportsCenter time drastically, but in the midst of All-Star week I am taking a minute to reflect on something that hit me a few weeks ago at Camden Yards.

Everytime Nick Markakis came up to bat I was stricken with that gooshy, fuzzy, little girl feeling.  Those eyes, that mean mugging picture on the score board, that swagger to the plate.  Looking around, I couldn’t help but wonder how many other girls, young and old, were swooning and perhaps creating their first jersey obsession.

The first professional baseball game I ever attended was at this beautiful park and was full of peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and most importantly the birth of my first athletic crush.  Brady Anderson was a tall dark handsome hunk of man that was conviently positioned about 50 yards from our seats.  An amazing lead off hitter and stellar center/left fielder, I was hooked.  I lost count of how many times my friend Amy and I went to Camden just to see Brady, clad in our Anderson jerseys, but it sparked a love of baseball and of athletes in general that will never die!

So enjoy this ode to Nick and girl ballpark crushes everywhere, and please comment with your first jersey wearing love!

And of course… the man himself…

8 thoughts on “We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

  1. I have to say that Brady was my first baseball love, as well. My obsession dates back to Memorial Stadium, though. (Wow, I’m sooo old! lol) I’ve never owned a real baseball jersey ever, but I do own my fair share of jersey tees, and he was definitely my first. I think I own every Brady Anderson baseball card ever made. I have a binder with only his cards in it, and it’s pretty thick!

    Nick used to be the ladies man around town here in Baltimore, but he got married and had a kid this offseason. I still own his jersey shirt, but my new O’s love is Nolan Reimold. Google him. (Or search for him on this site since I posted about him.) It’s totally worth it!

  2. If you are a Orioles fan you might want to check out my book-“Beating About the Bushes”. It is about my 8 year career in the Orioles organization during the ’60’s. Available on amazon.com or buybooksontheweb.com where an excerpt can be read.

  3. Haha, Brady Anderson was my first sports crush as well. I remember a friend from church whose daughter dated him, or went out with him, or something… haha. But yeah, I’m glad I’m not the only one! XD

  4. Thus the reason females aren’t taken seriously as sports fans, you are more concerned with how ‘cute’ the ballplayers are.

    • Thus the reason men are seen as chauvenistic pigs! Guys are just jealous that women sports fans can know just as much (or *gasp* even more) about sports than your typical man and get the added bonus of hot men to ogle! It’s the same reason why men just love having cheerleaders around. They want something to stare at between plays. Us ladies don’t need a break to get some eye candy.

      • Brilliant rebuttal, I couldn’t have said it better myself! I grew up loving baseball and am both more enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the sport than most men I know… and I take no shame in also pausing to admire certain physical assets some players possess!
        I grew up in Cincinnati. I bleed (Cincinnati) Red. My idols as a kid were Johnny Bench and Pete Rose. My grandma, who taught me most things I know about baseball, grew up with Joe Nuxhall (and incidentally he was her first crush). When I was a teenager Sean Casey came to the Reds, and that’s when my first jersey love happened! What a great guy as well as a great player… and those baby blues! He was so cute back then.
        A few years back I started playing fantasy baseball, which makes it even more fun to keep up with the player’s stats and team standings outside of your home team with the added bonus of discovering hotness you never would have known about otherwise! Not that I need more hotness than Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, etc. haha! But anyway, this is how I found your Markakis (yum) as well as others… Zack Greinke, Rick Porcello, Blake DeWitt, Joe Mauer, and I’ve had a soft spot for Andrew Miller since he was with Detroit! The list goes on, and I’ve already rambled enough.
        Thanks for this post!

  5. Well, I figured I would make my 1st post on this website, on this one =). My first was baseball love was Omar Vizquel. I am only 19 and first laid eyes on Omar when I was about 5, but it was absolutely love. Im almost positive. 1995, was when I first figured out what the heck baseball was and found myself gravitating towards the TV whenever Omar came to bat. Eeeeveryone around me noticed. Not only were the Indians magnificent that year and the years that followed, but they had a hot team that I can now fully appreciate now that I know exactly *what* boys are, that they *dont* have cooties, and have realized that baseball uni’s have done for men what the wonder bra does for women.

    And to homeboy up there “women cant like sports”, really? Thus the reason why you are lurking on a sports blog site for women, conjuring up a reason or a way to complain about women and the simple freedom of enjoying sports like a man?! Being a *female* sports fan is only a bonus! We get to watch the competitive action and pick a favorite like you guys AND look at some fine ass men too! ITS FANTASTIC! Most men I know complain that womens sports aren’t competitive enough to bother watching, which means you all are missing out on one of the same reasons why its so great for us! Go watch a Misty May Treanor and Keri Walsh volleyball match for just the great athleticism and NOT notice the hottness at all. Its impossible. It works both ways man.

  6. When I was elementary school age, it was Ken Caminiti. Middle to high school was a combination of Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Mike Sweeney and Jamey Wright. I have continued to both appreciate the sport and the boys who play it. ::blows raspberry::

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