It’s my party and I’ll take over if I want to

I had a great idea to do a post about the Futures game, checking out more than just the on-field talent. However, there are not a lot of pictures out there of minor league players, it turns out. Google Images and I spent some quality time together and I came up with very little.

Look to Crane to give you some Futures hottie love later…

So instead of giving you relevant content, I’m taking over.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so follow me after the jump where I indulge myself by posting pictures of soccer boys that make me happy!

First, let’s take a moment to drool over my favorite, Fernando Torres


Next is Yoann Gourcoff (and Cristian Brocchi, who looks nice here, but a Google search was not optimistic)


Cesc Fabregas is usually way more groomed and product’d than I prefer my men to be and has rocked a mullet more recently then he’d like anyone to remember, but that picture over on the right could make me rethink those reservations. (Thanks to Kickette for the picture)


Recently discovered love, Benny Feilhaber


Next is Andreas Isaksson, a Swedish national who plays for Dutch club PSV Eindhoven


Here’s one of my all-time hotties, Michael Owenmichael-owen

Australian accent, great smile, crinkly eyes, plays soccer. What’s not to love about Harry Kewell?


And finally, Alou Diarra, the French National who plays for Bordeaux and was born a day after me in France, while I was born on Bastille Day, in America. I say, Vive Le France!


5 thoughts on “It’s my party and I’ll take over if I want to

  1. great list…. been doing some research and no one is mentioning ERIK JENDRISEK from Slovakia. check him out hottie of all hotties if u ask me…. you;ll thank me later. PEACE!!

  2. Hey babe, your sexies are not bad. But if you be more careful, you will do better! Actually the best on the list is Cesc Fabregas, however, he is married and you can’t count on him!!! hihihi!!!

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