In which we yell YOU GO GIRL at Serena and congratulate the record-breaking Federer

The 2009 Wimbledon Winners!

While many things in sports occurred this fine holiday weekend including some tragedy (RIP McNair), obviously the record-breaking performance by Swiss gent Roger Federer at this year’s Wimbledon tourney, along with a vindicating answer back from last year’s loss to her sister by Serena Williams were the talk of the water coolers this morning.

Since there isn’t too terribly much to say regarding these two LEGENDS, I’ll be brief.

Boom Baby

Serena Willams. Won her 11th Grand Slam singles title and her third Wimbledon (hadn’t won since 2003 and was defeated last year by her sister Venus). Blew through the first four rounds and the quarterfinals and defeated each opponent in only two sets each, and three sets in the semifinals against Elena Dementieva. Beat sister Venus in just two sets, 7-6 and 6-2. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

Yeah I'd have that face too if I had just won 16-14 in the fifth set

Oh that face. See that face? That is the face of crazy victory and some records being broken.

Roger Federer. Won his 15th Grand Slam singles title, putting him past Pete Sampras’ record of 14 which he tied at this year’s French Open. He also partook in the LONGEST set recorded in Grand Slam history of 30 games in his 16-14 victory over Andy Roddick. The entire Roddick-Federer match was also the longest singles final recorded with 77 games total. The grand tally of this amazing defeat was 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14. Wow.

So there you have it. Those are my heroes for this week. Stay tuned for the rest of July’s heroes as the Ladies… bring you All Star predictions and fun from the Home Run Derby!

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3 thoughts on “In which we yell YOU GO GIRL at Serena and congratulate the record-breaking Federer

  1. I’ve been a Roger defender over the years, but that jacket he donned with the “15” on the back just annoyed the hell out of me.

    I hope Andy’s performance is a sign of things to come and he captures another GS title soon.

  2. That first picture next to Federer is actually of Venus.

    I am still so disappointed for Andy, but they both played an awesome match. I suppose it’s fitting for him to break a record with a match like that!

  3. I’ll admit it. I teared up when Andy lost. I thought Federer was a little classless afterwards when he made his speech. He said something about feeling for Andy because he knows how it feels to lose at Wimbledon after last year. Really? You know how Andy feels? doubt it. I think Andy replied with a comment about Feds having won 5 titles! I just thought it was rude, considering how intense the match was.

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