Ohhhh Canada: The Canuck Boys of Summer

canadian flag

Hey, it’s my nation’s birthday today! We’re …old! Today – if the weather and my second sinus attack in a week clears – I’ll be joining my fellow Canadians enjoying BBQ, drinking beer (not Molson), and rubbing red face paint off my tired children’s cheeks as I grumble to Mr. Bee about how we shouldn’t have stayed out late watching the fireworks when we have to get up for work in the morning.

Some random facts about Canada:

  • We are actually 142 years old. 142 is the new 122.
  • We’re not constitutionally required to like Nickelback.
  • I don’t think our prime minister’s hair has ever moved…ever!

Today we’re showing our True Patriot Love by rolling out our favourite Canucks on the mound and at the plate (or in the case of Russell Martin, behind the plate). So be your most polite, apologetic self, grab a double-double and join us after the jump.


You know we have to start with New Westminster, BC’s Justin Morneau.



Trail BC’s Jason Bay



From Scarbor-arbor-ough, Ontario, George Kottaras (I feel great shame for having a crush on him)



Representing East York, Ont. on the West Coast, it’s Russell Martin!




Victoria, BC’s Rich Harden




Sechelt, BC’s Ryan Dempster


Navan, ON’s Erik Bedard


Toronto’s Jesse Crain


For CuteSports, Vancouver’s R.J. Swindle in Swindle-licious minor league uni


Mississauga, ON’s Shawn Hill (yeah, see what I did there? BRING BACK OUR EXPOS!)


And from Tay Creek, New Brunswick – Matt Stairs!


Happy Canada Day!

12 thoughts on “Ohhhh Canada: The Canuck Boys of Summer

  1. So that’s what Canada Day is…Happy Birthday Canada! I will state happily as an American that I know the words to “Oh Canada” and sing along at hockey games.

  2. Wait, why are you ashamed of your crush on Kottaras? I see nothing shameworthy there.

    I confess to being one of those ugly Americans who only knows the “Oh Canada” parts of Oh Canada.

    • It’s okay. It’s a hockey fan thing. They sing it whenever a Canadian team is in town, or in places like Buffalo, they always sing it. After hearing it so many times, you pick it up. Plus, it’s fun to sing!

      • I agree. I pretty much know all the words, but not by heart yet. I need to be singing it with the music and some others for it all to come back to me. I also thank hockey for my Canadian knowledge.

      • A group of guys my bf works with stands up at every Wisconsin Badger Hockey game after the US anthem and sings it – just four old guys in the upper deck, singing O Canada

    • Games Mistress – he’s a member of the RED SOX! Yankee fans are not supposed to have crushes on the enemy.

      But all is fair in hotness and war.

      Likewise, I credit sports for teaching me “The Star-Spangled Banner”. It’s a good anthem!

  3. Funny enough, I’ve just directed a show about Harper and we refer to his “lego-hair”. I actually saw a couple of strands sticking up on Parliament Hill today.

    I know Scott Richmond is no hottie but his look is slowly growing on me.

    • Heh! Lego-hair. Love it!

      Parliament Hill on Canada Day…sigh…one day, I’ll spend a July 1st in Ottawa. I’ve been told there is no experience like it.

  4. Go you! Happy Canada Day on behalf of my country because 1) Us guys in the Commonwealth have to stick together and 2) it’s like every single hockey player I find hot comes from Canada – ergo, your country is the best in the history of the world ever.

    Except for maybe Switzerland. You go there, and you come home depressed because you’ll never again see such talent all in the same place again. And these are just the guys in the street! I maintain Swiss men are the best looking men in the world.

    • Hotness comes in many ways, CuteSports!

      And MK – apologies for accidentally omitting Richmond. I swear he was on my list! Blame the cold meds!

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