Fashion Police: AJ Burnett

So y’all know how much I love AJ Burnett. And you also probably noticed this yesterday. But even though his pitching was pretty damn good, I have a question for you: Did you see the shirt he was wearing in the postgame press conference?

Well, in case you didn’t — or in case you need a reminder — he wore this:

It’s just… I don’t even know. First of all, I can’t figure out whether it’s pink or orange. Second of all, it’s not even buttoned properly (not that I necessarily have a problem with that, but y’know). Third of all, it has rhinestones on it. And fourth of all, he’s wearing gaudy chain necklaces.

The whole thing just sort of screams “I lost a bet with Nick Swisher”, doesn’t it?

10 thoughts on “Fashion Police: AJ Burnett

  1. As a closet Yanks fan with a general appreciation yet disliking for Burnett, I gotta say….ew. The hair, the shirt, the bling, the bling in the shirt, ew. Good thing he’s good or he would never be forgiven. Maybe it’s hip-hip-Jorge’s hazing process to the new guy? What next, Teixeira with a pink unicorn backpack?

  2. If you have ever noticed, AJ BURNETT looks like the kid that played the lead character from the movie “The New Guy”. lol Take a close look at AJ and then go on youtube and watch a clip from the movie. You will laugh.

  3. What is that STOOPID black and silver thing around his neck? It looks like a cord from a movie theater cattle line. Or is it a David Yurman woman’s necklace? My husband says it’s a piece of rope from his boat? What ever it is it looks RIDICULOUS!

  4. The chain is a stainless steel Simmons necklace…I have the same one. Its cool and girls like it. As for the shirt and that fat rope necklace he wears on the mound…cant help him out there! more comment…

  5. Found out what the necklace is: Phiten necklaces.

    The necklaces are laced with titanium, regulate the body’s blood flow and “help to alleviate discomfort, speed recovery and counteract fatigue. Athletes find that they tire less easily and recover faster from intense physical activity,” according to the Phiten Web site.

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