The 2009 NBA Draft of Hotness

I am not a fan of the NBA. I have probably watched a total of 5 games in my entire life, but I absolutely love college basketball. It is much more competitive and entertaining. Also, there are a lot of hot guys to be found. (I am only 23 so I can still say that without being a total perv!) Last night was the NBA Draft. So that means that many players said goodbye to their college days and joined the pros. This also means that I will no longer know or care what is going on with them. (That’s a lie. There are quite a few players that I really like who were drafted last night. Next season might  be the first year I genuinely care what’s going on in the NBA.)

OK, enough about college basketball being far superior to the NBA. Let’s move onto those hot guys. Having talent is really important and goes a long way in the actual draft, but it doesn’t get you far here. Blake Griffin may have been the number one pick last night (and rightfully so…boy is talented!), but he doesn’t make the cut in the Ladies… draft.

Now let the fun begin with the first pick…

Number One

Player: Tyler Hansbrough, PF

School: UNC

Drafted By: Indiana Pacers


Tyler Hansbrough may be the most awkward athlete I have ever watched play a sport…EVER! Also, it was really hard to find a picture where he didn’t look like this. (Note to Psycho T: It’s OK to breathe through your nose and blink your eyes every once in awhile.) But despite all that, I still loved him. There is no telling what will become of his professional career, but he had one hell of a college career. And he got to wrap it all up with a much deserved and well earned Championship. And he’s 23 so there is no need to feel dirty about finding him hot.

Number Two

Player: Stephen Curry, PG

School: Davidson

Drafted By: Golden State Warriors


I realize that Stephen Curry may not exactly be what you would call hot. But come one…look at him! Don’t you just want to pinch his cheeks? He is adorable. He was my favorite player in college basketball and that is why I need to vent a little right now. I was so excited when I heard that there was a chance that he might get drafted by the Knicks. That could have been the thing to finally get me into the NBA. The Knicks had the eighth pick; Curry was still available by the seventh. Damn you Golden State!!

Number Three

Player: Jonny Flynn, PG

School: Syracuse

Drafted By: Minnesota Timberwolves


I love Jonny Flynn. He is a total hottie and a great player. Anyone who paid even a small amount of attention to the Big East Tournament, particularly the game against Connecticut, has to agree with me. I just realized that Minnesota has a lot of hot athletes. The Twins are loaded with hot players, the Vikings have Adrian Peterson, and now the Timberwolves have Jonny Flynn. Congrats Minnesota sports fans!

Number Four

Player: Jon Brockman, PF

School: Washington

Drafted By: Portland Trail Blazers, traded to Sacramento Kings

 jon brockman

Here is Washington Forward Jon Brockman. He looks like a much better version of Luke Harangody. (That really doesn’t have to do with anything…just thought I would share that.) I really don’t know much about Jon Brockman, but the first pic my google search produced was this one. I immediately knew I had to include him here.

Number Five

Player: Danny Green, SF

School: UNC

Drafted By: Cleveland Cavaliers


That’s right, another Tarheel. What can I say? Maybe it’s the uniform; it’s a flattering color. He didn’t get nearly as much attention as his teammate Hansbrough, but you have to give him credit for sticking it out all fours years of college. That is very rare these days. He was also a workjorse: He played more games than anyone else in UNC history. But all of that pales in comparison to his amazing dancing skills. That is what really won me over.

Number Six

Player: Jonas Jerebko, SF

School: None, Sweden

Drafted By: Detroit Pistons


To be honest I was not familiar with this blonde hottie until last night. Upon graduating High School he was offered a scholarship to play basketball for the University of Buffalo. He decided to skip college and play professionally for Sweden. I can’t even keep up with American pro-basketball, so it makes sense that I didn’t know about a professional player overseas. But now that he will be playing in America, I will definitely be keeping my eye on him.

Number Seven

Player: Victor Claver, SF

School: None, Spain

Drafted By: Portland Trail Blazers


Note to self: Start paying attention to professional basketball in other countries. The Knicks got their own sexy foreign player last year. Unfortunately New York didn’t have as much luck this year, but there were a bunch of hotties from other countries that teams had to choose from. The Trail Blazers got lucky when they drafted this hottie from Spain.

Number Eight

Player: Austin Daye, SF

School: Gonzaga

Drafted By: Detroit Pistons

 austin daye

As a whole, the city of Detroit may not be doing so great, but this is the second player on this list that their team drafted. That’s gotte cheer up a few people. Austin Daye sort of fits into the same category as Stephen Curry, but that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with just being cute in my book. As a side note, I would just like to point out how much Daye looks like Jimmy from Degrassi. (Yes I used to watch Degrassi. Don’t judge me!)

Number Nine

Player: A.J. Price, PG

School: Connecticut

Drafted By: Indiand Pacers

 aj price

I was just stating how lucky Detroit was in the draft; The same could be said about Indiana. First they got number one hottie Tyler Hansbrough and then they picked up A.J. Price in the second round. Good job Pacers! Ignoring the sweat, I think we can all appreciate Price’s smile. He also has some really great arms.

Number Ten

Player: Jeff Teague, PG

School: Wake Forest

Drafted By: Atlanta Hawks

jeff teague

Last but definitely not least is Jeff Teague from Wake Forest. There really isn’t much to say about Teague except that he’s a hottie. Also he kept up with the whole theme of my little draft. I tried not to take any teenagers. Jeff Teague is 21…no creepy feelings about ogling him.

8 thoughts on “The 2009 NBA Draft of Hotness

  1. No teenagers? But. RICKY RUBIO.

    Sometimes, I wish I weren’t young enough that it’s pretty much fine for me to like him. Meh. However – Austin Daye? Not bad AT ALL.

  2. Yes, Austin Daye is extremely cute, but wait until you get a load of his teammate, shown with him here, Steven Gray:

  3. you need better pics you can hardly see their faces
    btw that Victor guy looks like Micheal Phelps from the side

  4. I love this… Stephen Curry is the sweetest thing… I hope your watching NBA this year :D So many cute guys out there… btw I think you miss Omri Casspi (Sacramento Kings) on this list, he is also very cute! Jerebko, Curry and Casspi are my top 3 from 2009 draft :D Ricky Rubio – not cute!

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