Misery Loves Company… In Our Nation’s Capital

There is an understanding in my home state of Maryland, you either root for the Redskins, or you root for everyone else but the Skins. I’m a glutton for punishment, so I became a sad sap of a human, full equipped with Skins Starter jacket and a love of Joe Gibbs.  Follow me this week as we travel through the capital city of this great land, and the teams that almost seem like afterthoughts to professional sports.

DC United

I love starting this D.C. trip off with a bang.  Until Becks made his appearance stateside, D.C. United was MLS.  As a young lass with no interest in soccer, this team converted me, probably because a dude I liked wore their jersey, who knows!  I do know that with one of the largest MLS fan bases, two U.S. Open Cup wins, four MLS Cups and four MLS Supporters’ Shield wins, this team means business.  It’s been since 2004 since an MLS cup, which relatively isn’t long, but when you’re from the D.C. area, and this is the first team to deliver on the regular, it seems like an eternity.  Maybe getting out of RFK will spice things up a bit for United but I will keep rooting for these local boys in the meantime!

Washington Redskins

My hatred of the Cowboys was bred at an early age, and is contingent upon growing up in Skins country.  Five conference championships and three Super Bowl rings since 1937 is trash if you ask me.  If an official marching band can’t help, what will?  I’m sure I still have my 1991 Super Bowl Champs trucker hat around here somewhere, but dusting off 18 years worth of waiting, painful!  Inconsistency and the worst front office threaten this team’s winning potential, but I’m confident (as always) for big things in the upcoming season, I mean Colt Brennan has to play sometime and leave us scoring in the triple digits.  So say it loud and say it proud, you’re horny for Zorny and a Super Bowl Ring this season!

Washington Wizards

Since when did the Bullets stop playing in D.C.??? Oh right, since they won a championship!  I remember the Bullets of my youth well.  From 1974-1997 the Bullets won three Conference titles, and in 78 a Championship.  You might remember that guy, oh what’s his name, Michael somebody or other.  In 2000 Jordan became the Wizards’ president of basketball operations and minority owner, but them in 2001 came out of retirement to play ball for the Wizards.  We all know he looked weird in that jersey and his stint with the Wiz was short lived.  Things have been looking up since Arenas joined the crew. I say lets get another Cavs/ Jay-Z battle going and tear it up with Arenas, Dixon and Jamison next year!

Washington Capitals

An expansion team from the 70s, the Caps have left much to be desired in championship land.  Years of heartache have led to the era of Ovechkin!  Division champs in the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons is the start of a beautiful thing happening for this team.  A loss in the conference semi-finals to would-be Stanley Cup winners, the Penguins, was a tough way to end the season.  But you heard it here first folks, Ovechkin is taking home the Stanley Cup in 2009-2010 to go with his matching Rocket Richards Trophies!

Washington Nationals

To go from being the Montreal Expos from 1969-2004, into the Washington Nationals, is just plain confusing to me.  But all that nonsense aside, no pennants, no championships… tear.  This team is a disaster from top to bottom (so watching them beat my Yankees was that much harder!) but newly built Nationals Park with its sweet grassy knoll are gonna turn this team around, I just know it!  Maybe letting Teddy win a race wouldn’t hurt either!

Completely gratuitous - GO SKINS!

Completely gratuitous - GO SKINS!

4 thoughts on “Misery Loves Company… In Our Nation’s Capital

  1. My thoughts:
    1. The name “DC United” is so lame. The only thing worse in the MLS is “Real Salt Lake.” These people have no imaginations.

    2. Ovechkin is taking home the Stanley Cup in 2009-2010. Hmm, not without better goaltending he isn’t.

    3. Hooray for Colt Brennan!

  2. First off, I was born and raised in Maryland also, and I hate the ‘Skins. But I have an excuse because I was born in Baltimore, and the Colts *tear* were still in Baltimore then. Granted I was like almost two when they left town, but I was raised to be anti-DC. Besides, we got the Ravens and they’re pretty awesome. Sorry Skins fans!

    However, my family are huge Caps fans. So I’ve experienced the torment of a DC NHL fan. I don’t want to jinx my boys with an early season prediction, but I think they’ll be pretty awesome next year. With a full season under his belt (hopefully), Varlamov can take this team far into the playoffs.

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