Who’s Better: Tiger or Federer?

Tiger vs Federer

After a nice long weekend of babies, dads, and a much quieter weekend sports-wise, I got to thinking about the sports that I admittedly do not pay as much attention to. With the French Open fresh on everyone’s mind and US Open in full (flooded and delayed) swing (update: Tiger unfortunately went down and Lucas Glover won it all), I decided to put a post up to the masses. Let’s review, shall we?

The Federer Express

Roger Federer. Just for a TIP of the iceberg, the man has just won the 2009 French Open, giving him the missing piece of the Men’s Singles Career Grand Slam pie and a total of 14 Grand Slam wins (tied for the record of total Grand Slam wins with Pete Sampras). 5 consecutive Wimbledon wins, 5 consecutive US Open wins, and three Australian Open wins (which in 2007 he did so without dropping a set) join his recent French Open win for the total. Quickly climbing to be considered the best of all time by some. His total career singles record is 650-155 (near 81% wins) and he JUST won his first round at Wimbledon against Yen-hsun Lu of Taiwan.

Ahhh a suit.

He does clean up nice….


And of course he looks good shirtless. Like I wouldn’t include that.

The man works out!

Tiger Woods. Formally Eldrick Tont Woods. Has won 14 professional major golf championships and 67 PGA Tour events, 2nd and 3rd of all time respectively.  This includes 4 Masters and 3 US Opens. Not only is he considered one of the best golfers of all time by some, he is also the highest earning pro golfer. He spent the most consecutive weeks ranked as the Number One Pro Golfer (264) and holds the record for most total weeks at the top (552). Minus 2004’s winner Vijay Singh, Tiger has been the years end number one ranked pro golfer for ten years straight (1998-2003, 2005-2008). Regardless of his loss earlier today, he’s still amazing overall. Obviously.

The Tiger Shot Face

The ever-so-familiar Tiger-scrunched-face-while-driving shot.

Grr. Oh I said it.

Yes I had to include him shirtless too. It’s only fair.

So which one do you think is better and why?

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12 thoughts on “Who’s Better: Tiger or Federer?

  1. I’ve loved Tiger since he was an amateur, so my heart belongs to him! Plus, I love Andy Roddick, so I could never pick Federer! lol

    On a more serious note, Tiger revolutionized golf as a sport. TV viewership has doubled since he joined the tour, and now golf is a major draw among sports fans. I don’t think Federer can say the same.

    This current era of men’s tennis is pretty bad. Federer and Nadal just dominate, and I think that’s because the talent that used to be in the sport has diminished some. I think that’s also why Pete’s record of 14 Grand Slams is more significant because look at the quality players that he was up against. Nowadays people could probably only name a few tennis stars, while back in Pete’s day(s) that would have been a rather long list.

    Ok sorry I rambled on there. As you can tell, I absolutely love golf and tennis! haha

  2. I adore Federer, and I’m not even sure why. He’s actually kinda funny looking if you really look at his face (what is with that nose?), although he sure does look nice with his shirt off. I think his hotness is definitely more apparent when he’s moving on the court than just standing there. He plays tennis like an angel.

    Tiger is wonderful, fantastic, seems like a great guy. But I’ve never caught my breath in wonder when he hits a shot, even a great one like a few years ago at that one tournament when he hit a really long chip shot and it hung on the lip of the cup before it dropped in (you can tell I’m not really a golf fan; I have no idea what tournament that was). Golf is just not a sexy sport, IMHO.

  3. I’ll go with Tiger. As much as I adore Federer (over Nadal, sorry Ladies…), it’s much more difficult to beat the field every time out like Tiger has to versus one opponent at a time like Federer. Not that Federer can do anything about it.

  4. Look, no disputing that Federer is nasty, but Tiger is in a class by himself. He’s doing things that no golfer has ever come close to doing, and his win in last years US Open (I know, no excuses for this year) was the pinnacle of greatness. Playing that well, and that long, on a bum knee?

    The story is not yet written, but when all is said and done, its gonna be Tiger we’re telling our kids about, not Federer.

  5. Federer all the way. The man is tirelessly classy and an absolutely stunning player. Even Pete Sampras himself considers him the Greatest of All Time. Roger handles the ball like no other and looks poised to break Pete’s record this year. He also speaks FOUR languages.

  6. i think these players are the best the has ever seen.
    and it will remain like that for many years to come.
    As far as who’s better is concerned the award definitely goes to…………………………………….ROGER FEDERER
    the guy is a complete genius and he is for sure ahead of tiger woods.
    plus fedex has the age factor on his side.
    so he is gonna go a long way…………………..
    best luck fedex

  7. Tiger is! Every man is jealous of him now – it’s what we all wish we could do – but – we would never dare try! Good for him! He will be back on top – that is how messed up this world is. Just wait and watch……

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