In Which We Get Around to Congratulating the Lakers, Finally

Undoubtedly you’ve noticed that us current Ladies are not the biggest NBA fans in the world, given the number of Stanley Cup related posts vs. NBA finals posts over the last week.  Of course in some ways the Stanley Cup was considerably more exciting than “The” Finals (and why can’t they come up with a catchy name? “The Finals” is so …bland).  And the Lakers won again.  Doesn’t it seem like the Lakers always win?  I knew, in the back of my head, that they hadn’t won in some time, but it took me by surprise to realize there were seven years between Kobe’s third and fourth title.

This is what the sports world looked like the last time the Lakers won a title:

*The Red Sox had still not won a World Series since 1918.

*Lebron James was finishing his high school career.

*BALCO was just an entry under “Medical Labs” in the San Francisco phone book.

*Baseball was still an Olympic sport.

Yeah, Derek, we cant believe its been so long either.

Yeah, Derek, we can't believe it's been so long either.

*The Yankees, Athletics, and Braves were en route to 100+ win seasons.

*The Devil Rays (still with the “Devil”) would go on to lose 106 games.

*The New England Patriots were defending Super Bowl champs for the very first time.

*The Detroit Red Wings played in the Stanley Cu– oh, wait.  They did win that year, though.  The Penguins, however, finished dead last in their division with only 69 points.

*Not only did Ladies… not exist, Deadspin, the site which brought our founding Ladies together, was still three years away from being launched.

So, congratulations, Lakers!  If you take seven years to win your next title, who knows what might happen?  A Cubs World Series?  Lebron in a Knicks jersey?  David Eckstein being busted for HGH?  Anything’s possible — wait, that was last year.

3 thoughts on “In Which We Get Around to Congratulating the Lakers, Finally

  1. Wow, you make seven years sound like ancient history.

    Here’s a personal one for me:

    *Pam had just completed her second year, of what would eventually end up being 10 at Rutgers.

    • It was sort of inspired by me realizing in 2002 I was still two months away from moving to New York. I didn’t feel like I’d been here that long until I thought about it in those terms.

      Also 10 years? Does that include graduate work?

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