Hump Day Hottie/Don’t Judge Me: AJ Burnett

Good morning.

*hides from all Mets fans, some Jays fans, plenty of Yankees fans*

(Incidentally, you don’t need a white horse to steer you back onto course.)

For each one of you that sees the “Read the rest of this entry” link here and doesn’t click on it, a child is taught that Saves are useful statistics and that Derek Jeter is worthy of this year’s All-Star Game start. (So that’s a maybe. But do you really want to risk it?)

He kind of sucks sometimes. And I totally love him. Stop making fun of me, please. (Actually, go right ahead. I probably deserve it.)

10 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie/Don’t Judge Me: AJ Burnett

  1. Crane, I know someone else who loves him too. I’ll send her the link. Personally, he’s just not my type. Casey Janssen, on the other hand…

  2. When we had Roy Halladay and AJ as our one-two on our team, it was a crazy illustration of two different types of guys. The guy who’d hold your hand and you’d bring home to your mother (Doc) and the guy who’d disappoint you but screw you senseless (AJ).

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