In which I was about to talk about how much I hate Interleague and then the Brewers win in spectacular fashion


MLB will put a logo on ANYTHING

I really, really hate Interleague. I think the “rivalries” are forced and the novelty has worn off for me. I just don’t get the appeal and since it’s always ended in losses for my team, my feelings on Interleague are less than positive.

As far as I’m concerned, before tonight, nothing good has come of it for my team. Before tonight’s win, the Brewers were 1-5 so far this season, and had been out-scored 20-35. Since Interleague started, the Brewers are 81-95 and since 2000 have had winning Interleauge records just three times. The only time the Brewers suck more is when they are nationally televised.

Just Saturday, Brewers pitchers had eight innings of one-run, three-hit baseball against the Chicago WhiteSox. Unfortunately, that other inning had five hits, three walks and six runs given up by starter Manny Parra. Stupid, stupid nationally televised Interleague games!

So imagine my concern heading into this week where the Brewers were heading to Cleveland and Detroit and Monday and Saturday’s games are to be nationally televised.

And it looked as though tonight was going to go the same way. Two seperate times in the game, the Brewers were down by five runs. Just as they’d gotten back into the game, the pitching staff would give up a four-run inning and it looked like another one of those games where I was embarassed for others to see my team. We’re pretty hard up for respect and attention, and yet every time the Crew has gotten a chance, they’ve not shown well. So imagine my surprise when instead, this happened: click here to watch Prince Fielder’s game-winning, first career grand slam.

Ryan Braun had a two-run homer and a two-run triple, ending up with five RBI. But Prince said “anything you can do, I can do better” and ended the game with six RBI.

Craig Counsell (!) and Casey McGehee, the one and two hitters, were on base seven times and scored six of the runs.

Just look at the seismic movement on this win expectancy graph:


Brewers 14, Indians 12

And the thing is – the rally probably couldn’t have happened in the NL. Having Mat Gamel in the lineup as the DH added a left-handed bat, forcing Cleveland’s pitching decisions.

But the biggest thing was that the Brewers went through 11 batters and didnt’ have to pull a pitcher or go to the bench or double-switch, which would have changed the whole dynamic of the batting lineup.

But other than trying to shake things up during a 162-game season, I’m still not sure what the appeal of Interleauge is. Sure, it ended well for me today, but overall, I still have a bad impression.

Anyone out there a big fan of Interleague play? Maybe you can explain the appeal to me…

5 thoughts on “In which I was about to talk about how much I hate Interleague and then the Brewers win in spectacular fashion

  1. I like interleague because I get to see new teams come to town – playing the AL Central half the season gets a bit old (except when playing the lovely Twins). I enjoy the rivalry with St. Louis and beating up on the rest of the NL – the Royals kill in interleague! I just think it’s nice to be able to see teams you may never see in person otherwise.

  2. The AL teams don’t seem as “new” to me because of my relative longevity as a Brewers fan. I’ve still followed them for more AL years than NL.
    What I could do without in interleague play is two series vs. the same ‘rival’ every year. This is not about the Twins (though that’s who the Brewers play twice from the AL); I’d just gladly accept hosting Minnesota ‘only’ once per season if it meant we could see one more different AL opponent each year.

    Having said that, I’ll admit that at least Minnesota-Milwaukee is a reasonably natural rivalry. Some interleague matchups are clearly the result of being the leftover rival-less teams

  3. As a Jays fan, I share your interleague pain. And after watching our closer come up lame running to first last night, I want it to end NOW.

  4. If I recall correctly, it was interleague play that cost us the services of Chien-Ming Wang last season. We’re still waiting for him to come back.

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