Game 7 – Who y’a got?


Omigodyouguys it’s Game 7 tonight! Really, is there anything more exciting than a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Final?

(Perhaps Game 7 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium? Okay, I’ll leave my bias aside for this post and I’ll thank you in advance for not discussing A.J. Burnett.)

Kudos to the Pens for a rousing Game 6 on Tuesday night to bring us to this point. And by the way, nice to see my theory of Crosby’s beard jinxing the series getting totally shot to hell. Would you believe I’m actually getting used to seeing him with…that? I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it if he shows up clean-shaven at the NHL Awards.

But enough about facial hair. I canvassed some of the Ladies to get their thoughts and predictions on who will hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup:


Personally, I don’t see Detroit losing in Detroit.  The games at the Joe have all been dominated by the Wings.  I honestly think the boards there are different than anywhere else in the league — and the Wings know how to use them to their advantage.  Plus, I think the people of Detroit can use the moral uplift of another Stanley Cup victory.  It was one of the cities that this current recession has hit the hardest.  So here are my predictions:

Score: 4-2, Red Wings

GWG: Pavel Datsyuk

Conn Smythe Winner: Chris Osgood, and only because Zetterberg won last year

Is it just me, or is Osgood channeling Richie Cunningham here?

Is it just me, or is Osgood channeling Richie Cunningham here?

Another prediction?  Sidney Crosby will star in a remake of this commercial.


I’m picking Pittsburgh. Here’s why:

See, I’m hockey stupid. The only thing I know is that I graduated from Pitt the year Mario Lemieux single-handedly saved the team, and that was kind of cool. It was cool enough that when Pittsburgh does well in the playoffs, I don’t change the channel after the baseball highlights on SportsCenter. For me and hockey? That’s love, man. (Well, or as close as love gets. It’s a step above apathy, and that’s all hockey’s getting out of me until the fights start. I love me a good fight.)

Because my head knows nothing, I’ll pick with my half-heart. Go Pens.

Games Mistress

My head says Detroit; my heart (maybe too strong a word, my “slight leaning of preference” is more accurate but unwieldy) is with Pittsburgh.  I root against the Yankees in baseball and the Lakers in basketball, it follows that I would root against Detroit in hockey.  I like variety in my champions.

Still, I’m going with Red Wings, 3-0

Number of sappy Mitch Albom columns we can expect out of this: 5


The extent of my hockey knowledge is “Sidney Crosby is totally fucking gorgeous”, so I’m going with Pittsburgh.


Miss Minda

I grew up randomly liking Detroit, but I abandoned them when the NHL lockout happened. Even though I started rooting for Pittsburgh before this season as a way to get back into hockey as a whole, I can’t help but go back to my childhood. The Wings have my permission to win again.

Lady Liz

I stopped watching hockey once the Rangers were done. I am a VERY casual hockey fan. I’m going with Detroit with no other reason besides the fact that I don’t really like Pittsburgh.


I’m with you, Liz. I’m a pretty crazy hockey fan while Buffalo’s in it, then I zone out when they screw it up. I don’t really like Pittsburgh either, and Crosby needs to shave because tradition or not, he can’t fill it in and he really just looks like a creepy stalker or something. Detroit it is. Even though I could use 7 year old girl logic which is “I like penguins, Pitt wins!”


We don’t have an NHL team, so I have a hard time getting into the games and therefore am going to use totally unscientific means to decide the winner.

I have a hard time picking Detroit ever since I learned the fans sing “Don’t Stop Believing” because of the line about South Detroit and I feel like Pitt is the boutique pick and I’m not sure they deserve the win.

That being said, I don’t see how Detroit doesn’t win this game at home, especially with the lackluster way Pitt has played during their losses this series. Plus, they have two former Badgers on their team – Brian Rafalski and Chris Chelios – while Pitt has none, giving the Red Wings the clear advantage.

and me…Lady Bee

I’ve always said it’s goaltending that wins the playoffs. Looking at the numbers through this series, it’s clear who has the edge:

Chris Osgood    GAA 1.83   SOG 168   SV 157   SV % .935

Marc-Andre Fleury    GAA 2.89   SOG 171   SV 155   SV % .906

Let’s not discount years of experience either.

Let’s also remember that Crosby’s been held scoreless in all three games in Detroit.

So like Gamesmistress, my head is also telling me Detroit wins Game 7 and passes the Leafs on the list of total Stanley Cups with 12 (damnit!)

But I have a feeling in my gut – and this could be the bologna I had for a late supper – that Pittsburgh elevates their game and takes it. Your winning goal scored by Jordan Staal. Your Conn Smythe winner is Evgeni Malkin. And Crosby has a goal, an assist, and an elbow in Zetterberg’s kidneys.

There’s something reassuring about the idea of the NHL’s two biggest superstars sporting a Cup ring, even if it’s still so very early in their professional careers. You can’t deny that it’s Good For Hockey. And given the years that have passed since the Penguins last hoisted a Stanley Cup Champions banner to the rafters – not to mention all the BS the city went through when it nearly lost the team – I think Pittsburgh is due.

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Chill your beer…now! Enjoy the game tonight!

11 thoughts on “Game 7 – Who y’a got?

  1. Please Red Wings… I don’t think I can take Crosby winning the Cup and all the hoopla the NHL’s going to throw. *gag*

  2. I’m thinking Wings. I guess it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if Pitt won, but Dakota’s right. It wont be treated like just any old championship.

  3. Pittsburgh, all the way. After Flower’s performance in the last game, he’s on a high. Scuderi has some sick defensive skills, along with our Special Teams. Crosby and Malkin need to show up and score some points, but we can always rely on Stall and Gonchar. It’s going to be a heck of a game if nothing else.
    Go Pens!!!!!

  4. I want Pittsburgh because the idea of a Detroit dynasty makes me ill. Past that, I think it’s really a free-for-all. Detroit is dominant in their house, but the way the Pens played last game I think the momentum shifted to them. Will be interesting to see.

  5. What?! What is this?! A discussion involving Sid and I haven’t butted in yet? Let me rectify that immediately…

    Just like Game 6, I’m not watching it – I’m going to bed (I’m in the UK, midnight is a perfectly reasonable time to hit the sack). Why?? Because I’m too frightened I’ll jinx them by watching.

    I’m a slavering Caps fan, but you know what? This Penguin bandwagon has been superfun, and the Kid is supergorgeous (don’t hate me, but yes, even WITH that fuzz) – in fact, the more everyone hates him, the more I just adore. That little tantrum in Game 5? I just wanted to rip his jersey off. Every whinge? I just want to soothe his upset brow. He love-tapped Maltby, and I went ‘awww’..! I love it even more that he was completely unrepentant.

    No, I don’t know what’s wrong with me either.

    Pittsburgh, my friends. Pittsburgh.

    P.S. Talbot! You’re totally my Sid backup

    • Yeah, Talbot’s a pleasant surprise tonight! The Pens are up 2-0 not because of Malkin, or Crosby…but Talbot! Love it!

      Hopefully we see Sid back in the 3rd :/

      Thanks for the comments, y’all! Hope you’re digging the game!

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