In Which I Have Something To Say About Stephen Strasburg

Good morning. Stephen Strasburg’s mechanics suck and he’s going to get hurt.

Definitely hyperabducts, and definitely has a timing problem. Hey, at least he wears his socks the right way. Seriously, though, observe the difference between that photo, and a photo of someone with good mechanics:

Straight line from elbow to elbow, leading foot positioned to land much more square to the place, and the ball held above the shoulder right before footstrike. Yeah, that’s what I call flawless.

So hey, Strasburg? You have a lot to learn, buddy. I mean a lot. Good luck.

7 thoughts on “In Which I Have Something To Say About Stephen Strasburg

    • Why yes, yes it is. Other people who make Inverted Ws include Mark Prior and Brandon Webb, although Webb doesn’t have as serious of a timing problem.

      • Yay, I learned something from your last pitching mechanics post! I don’t know much about this guy, but it stands to reason that with such high expectations, he can only disappoint.

      • Crow actually has more of an inverted L – from what I’ve found on Google Images, his mechanics are sort of AJ Burnett-like. Do you know how hard he throws/what pitches he has?

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