Help me find a Hottie of my very own

So every time Sunday night rolls around and I wonder what to post on Monday morning, I go through and discard ideas.

And every week I think about doing a hottie post and I realize – I don’t really have any sports crushes.

Sure, I can appreciate all the boys you all fawn over – I get the Jacoby Ellsbury or Sidney Crosby crush – but none of these guys inspire true fan-girl love. I find an accent sexier than forearms and it’s been awhile since a Wisconsin athlete just made me swoon, so I need your help. Ryan Braun and JJ Hardy do it for some ladies, but they just don’t for me.  Maybe I have standards that are too high or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. I NEED YOUR HELP!

So please, follow me after the jump and help me find a boy to love!

So you know where to start, the closest I come to true crush status is one Fernando Torres. Many a lady soccer fan will tell you he’s too girly and they can’t stand the highlights,  and while I don’t agree, I can hear you on that…


But take away the hair and you have gorgeous, dimpled, freckly goodness that speaks Spanish and scores beatiful, swoon-inducing goals.


Even with hair – he’s just so pretty.

But even with all that, he doesn’t have me setting his mug to my wallpaper or searching for hot new shots or sexy stats, so I think I need to find someone else – someone who’s easier to keep tabs on here in the States.

And please, no cliche answers. I don’t want to be the 500,000,000th lady to be swooning for Tom Brady or David Beckham.

Send me your down-low cuties. Send me hometown boys who’ve yet to break through or who’ve gotten shafted on national coverage. Uncover for me (and the rest of the Ladies… readers) heretofor unknown hotties.

We Ladies… often talk and I’m always left out on guys to share in the conversation. The Ladies… want to talk about homer hotties, and I despair of any boys to love – help me, please!

21 thoughts on “Help me find a Hottie of my very own

  1. Alexander Ovechkin!!!
    Explosive, talented and ruggedly handsome in a ‘caveman carrying you off over his shoulder’ kind of way. This guy is not only the future of hockey, but he loves fast cars, nice clubs and having a great time in general on and off the ice. What more could you ask for?

  2. DCPrincess, I agree with most of what you said, except for where the word “handsome” appeared without a qualifier like “not”.

    CuteSports, where’s your hometown? (sorry if I don’t recall from you intro to Ladies… post)

    You can’t just pick someone…it just has to come to you.

    If you want obscure, how about Andrew Cogliano of the Edmonton Oilers?

  3. Pam’s right, it has to come to you – it can’t be given to you either, although suggestions always make for great ogling.

    From your pick above, it seems that you and I are probably not on the same page in taste, so I’m not going to be much help. I do think it’s good that you like the minor league games (just checked out your personal page); my #1 in sports hotness is a AAA hottie.

    Of course, you can’t go wrong hanging out here…

  4. RYAN LOCHTE… amazing US swimmer, unreal abs, and well he is beyond hot. I know you had something on him in the past. But since Beijing, the boy has done some modeling and all I can saw is WOW

  5. C.J. Wilson.
    Relief pitched for the Rangers.
    That dude is SMOKING hot.
    I’m not sure why no one has ever spoken about him on here, at least that i’ve seen.

  6. I agree w/Pam and Gretch, you can’t force it…it’s like the crush chooses you (sometimes to your own shame). :) My current player crushes include Joey Votto, Dhani Jones, Will Hesmer and, to my everlasting shame for reasons I cannot explain, Ben Roethlisberger.

    I totally get the accent thing. I already thought Dario Franchitti was hot but the first time I heard that lovely Scottish accent I was reduced to a pathetic little puddle.

  7. Yep, it’s gotta come to you – in fact my crazy rebounded from one crush to the other and now the poor Kid is the unwilling target of my wild-eyed affections… I certainly never planned it or saw it coming.

    Oh, how much do I love an accent?? As an Australian, all NHL players have accents to me and let me tell you, I am freaking loving it – what is it about accents other than your own which make someone so much hotter than if they just lived down your street?

  8. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with an unexplainable crush on Ben Roethlisberger. Actually I can explain it, it was triggered by seeing a picture of him with his german shepherd licking his face. it was pretty cute. I’m a sucker for guys with puppies.

  9. My obsessive sports crush is José Reyes. Chances are you’ve already seen him, but just watch this, and…yeah, I just melted….xD There are a bunch of cute guys on the Mets besides José- Santana, Beltrán, Murphy, Maine, Church, just to name ones I like. And I’m gonna have to second swimfan33’s suggestion of Ryan Lochte- gorgeous, talented, and I love his goofy personality!

    Good luck! :D

  10. You know, I never really liked Reyes that much, but that video is so many kinds of adorable. If you’re into the Mets, I happen to like Maine and Perez… but if you’re actually a Mets fan… then you probably don’t like Perez very much at all. Anyway.

    • Oh, I know me some Adam Burish. He won my Badgers a National Championship in 2006 and his sister was on the UW Women’s team that won the same year. And he does have a cool war wound now, but that greasy hair is not ok!

  11. Weeeell Idk if any Sox fans agrees with me but I think Chris Getz is the most adorable person on this planet. He’s 2B for the White Sox and oh so cute.

    If you like soccer players my newest hot Italian boy is Davide Santon! He just made the Italian Nat’l Team this year and I think he’s super cute. :)

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