Theme Thursday: The Themening

This has nothing to do with the post, I just wanted to run this picture again.

This week's theme is NOT: ducks, bath toys, creepy green bills

Our last round of Theme Thursday was won by familiarcraving, who didn’t submit a theme (you still can, fc! Theme Thursday prizes do not expire!).  So I’ve put together this week’s trio all by myself.  I’m pretty happy with this theme, because I came up with it even before I realized these three good-looking gentlemen qualified!

As usual, first person to guess correctly in the comments has the option of emailing us a future Theme Thursday idea. Ready? Go!

Pat Burrell

Joe Mauer

Dwight Howard

5 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: The Themening

    • Yup, you win. Man, I thought that was going to be harder. Congratulations on being much more informed about #1 draft picks than I am! If you would like to collect your prize, just email us your Theme Thursday idea.

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