A note to Sid

Sid, can we talk for a second?

It can be said that we Ladies… don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to you. Some of us love you, some of us hate you. I think I’d find you endearing if you whined a helluva lot less. But one thing we can all agree on is that YOUR BEARD HAS GOT TO GO. NOW!

The last thing you need is bad beard mojo in the Stanley Cup Final. You’ve already had your proverbial asses handed over to you last night in Detroit, even though the schedule favored you guys somewhat. Zetterberg wouldn’t leave you alone. You were held scoreless and Malkin managed but a single assist off a Fedetenko goal. Lame.

This is professional sports, Crosby. Superstition trumps actual skill, effort and ability. Your loss last night can only be attributed to one factor: your creepy attempt at growing facial hair.

Unless you want to do another NHL ad next season about how you never want to be in that picture with the other sulky Penguins, I suggest you find a Gillette Fusion razor and a can of Barbasol and get to ‘er. You have lots of time. Game 2 doesn’t start until 8 p.m. eastern tonight.

There’s no use in arguing, although I’m sure one or two of us wouldn’t mind getting into a heated, lusty debate with you. Just trust us. We know our playoff beards.

Love, the Ladies…

11 thoughts on “A note to Sid

  1. Grow up! Your Sid bashing is why I will not return to this site! If you would leave him alone then your site would be awesome!!!

  2. It is creepy and gross, but I have to say good on him for trying. The guys with no beards bug me. And no way should he shave it off now! Though… I hate the Penguins and hope they get pummeled, so maybe that would help, hehehehe. ;)

  3. Yes, it’s creepy. But I have no problem with it, it meas that The Pens are still playing. And I hate Detroit with a passion. It doesn’t bother me as much as it does others.

  4. See, I’m inclined to think if he shaves it, the Pens’ luck changes for the better in the finals. I’m sure there’s scientific evidence to support this theory. Somewhere.

  5. Lady Bee, this is a red flag to me, isn’t it?! ;)

    While I’m not threatening to never return until you cease the Sid-bashing, I think it’s probably pretty clear by now where I stand on the Crosby issue, which is of course, I’d rip those clothes off NOW, LIKE NOW.

    And look, if it helps, I’m offering to take one for the team and hold him down and do it for him.

  6. He looks like Zach Braff in that picture, which is neither good nor cute. But then, I am not a Sidney Crosby fan…so I could be influenced unfairly.

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