Write Your Own Caption: Yankees Edition

Good morning. No hotness at the moment, just hilarity.

If the Yankees lose and the Red Sox lose and the Blue Jays win, then I’ll be happy. I would like to see the Yankees lose on a walkoff single given up by whoever the hell their closer is today (seriously, guys, your bullpen’s broken), I would like to see the Red Sox give up 102389798798639 runs, and I would like to see the Blue Jays win by a reasonable score of about 5-1 (no, I don’t mind if Jesse Carlson gives up a solo shot or something).

Observe this photo, in which Phil Coke and Hideki Matsui do something that needs to be captioned:

Have at it.

8 thoughts on “Write Your Own Caption: Yankees Edition

  1. Phil Coke: “So you think we’re ready for our ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ audition?”

    Hideki Matsui: “Yeah, but I’m so great, I only need one jazz-hand to beat you, man.”

  2. “So, we have to do this every time Mr. Steinbrenner visits?”

    “Man knows how to make an entrance.”

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