Mr. Monday: Omir Santos

AP Photo

AP Photo

While this will not become a weekly installment from this Buffalo gal, I decided that every once in a while, a noteworthy play from a favorite hottie or a particularly exciting game from the weekend of sports deserves special mention. Naturally for the first installment, I had to choose one of my favorite cuties from one of my teams, and luckily the excitement is brought to you by this past weekend’s Interleague games of the Mets vs. my other NY team’s rival: The Bo Sox.


See that? That’s the infamous Fenway Park Green Monster. It stands 37 feet and 2 inches high, and upsets plenty of right handers, robbing them of what would be a homerun in many other parks and instantly making it a double. However, the reason I chose Mr. Santos for my first Mr. Monday is not because he played a seriously mean defensive streak against the Sox this weekend, nor was there any spectacular show of hitting. I chose him because he made history. Video review is something relatively new to baseball, and it is something umpires will do only with questionable homeruns. Papelbon is one of the best closers in the game, and Santos knows this. With two outs in the top of the ninth, Pap drilled a fast one to Santos on the first pitch, and dear Omir mustered some guts, took a swing, and powered it right at the dreaded Green Monster. It appeared as if it would be a homerun, but as the ball bounced back into the field, Santos’ face fell and accepted his double. But wait! The video review! Upon further examination, it appears that Santo’s ball was in fact not rejected by the Monster, but cleared the homerun line on the top of him, and was only knocked back into the field by the six-inch lip at the back of the Monster’s top. To the naked ump eye, any ball that bounces back into the field is a double. Thanks to the new review rule, this two-run homer brought the Mets ahead 3-2, and a stunning display of saving Putz’s save from our defense led the Mets to victory. And how did he make history? By having the first video-reviewed hit for Fenway Park, ever.

AP Photo

AP Photo

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6 thoughts on “Mr. Monday: Omir Santos

  1. only cool catchers like omir santos and joe mauer are allowed to hit homers off of papelbon.
    p.s. just a question, not criticizing, just asking for clarification, are you a fan of both mets and yankees? I thought that was against some kind of law. I know it is in chicago; you can’t be both a white sox and a cubs fan.

    • Hahah. It is a serious point of contention, but I was born and raised a Yankees fan and my mom and brother may disown me if I ever was not. But then I started dating a Mets fan….
      Lets just say I love the Mets and I will cheer for the Yanks still as well

      • And by that, she means she hates the Yankees with every fiber of her being, and will never root for those pieces of scum, and is ashamed to have ever even having considered liking them.

  2. or, perhaps she knows that the Yanks are as classic as the game itself and the Mets are the red-headed step-child of NYC and she has no choice but to accept this mediocrity as it’s a package deal.

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