Malkin Magic


There’s no question that Sid the Kid gets a lot of Ladies… love. But consider his partner in hockey crime, Evgeni Malkin, for a moment. No, he’s not conventionally cute. But his talent on the ice makes him unabashedly HOT!

As of this writing, the Penguins are a game away from eliminating the Carolina Hurricanes and returning to the Stanley Cup Final for the second year in a row. Comparisons of these young guns to the Penguin Greats of a decade ago – Lemieux and Jagr – are rampant. They’re viewed as the saviours of this franchise. I won’t argue with anyone there. Sid and Malkin are sickeningly talented!

But back to Malkin – right now he is the team leader in points (28), second in goals scored (12 – two fewer than Sid), leads in assists (16) and is tied with Crosby for power play goals (5). Impressive feats, indeed.

malkin may09

Now consider this – in the Penguins’ last six games, Malkin has scored seven goals and nine assists, at least two points a game. The last time an NHL player had six consecutive multiple-point games in a playoff year was Buffalo’s Dale Hawerchuk in 1993.

The last Penguin to score that many points over six playoff games? Mario had 17 points over six games in 1992, the last time Pittsburgh won Lord Stanley’s Cup*.

But stats, schmats. To truly appreciate the awesomosity of Evgeni Malkin, you have to observe moments such as this one:

I smell MVP. You smell that?

* thank you, Elias Sports Bureau, for doing the hard work while I sit on my butt, drink beer and watch the game.

7 thoughts on “Malkin Magic

  1. I cannot see that goal enough! I love Sid almost as much as Mario, but IMO Malkin is the best player on the team.

  2. I don’t know about this not conventionally cute stuff, there’s a couple of good vids where Malkin is playing around with the guys and not only does a sense of humour go a long long way, he’s got a huge grin that is absolute gorgeous – trust me, he’s adorable!

    But look at the Kid there, that intense stare… I don’t know if Sid’s hotter off the ice or on, he didn’t even make me mind THAT much that the Pens kicked out my boys

    • I hear you, Laurie. I guess what I was trying to say is that while he lacks the chiseled GQ-cover good looks of a Crosby or a Tom Brady, his talent and passion for the game makes him very hot to many. Hey, we Ladies… see the beauty in everyone!

    • I think Tom Welling is much hotter than Sid. There’s just something about Sid that turns me off. I think it’s his side profile. I’m so shallow. *hangs head in shame*

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