The All-Star Break Called… Part Deux

So I’ll admit it, I am a total snob when it comes thinking that the AL is superior to the NL.  I don’t know if its the designated hitter deal, the difference in stadium size (I like my homers in the AL), or the tighter strike zone… whatever it is, I’ve always considered the NL to be the red headed step child of Major League Baseball.  But I set those feelings aside to bring you the All-Star Team of the National League,  Ladies… style.


Derek Lowe - P

Derek Lowe - P

Jeff Francoeur - RF

Jeff Francoeur - RF


Andrew Miller - P

Andrew Miller - P

Hanley Ramirez - SS

Hanley Ramirez - SS

Jeremy Hermida - LF

Jeremy Hermida - LF


John Maine - P

John Maine - P

Jose Reyes - SS

Jose Reyes - SS

Carlos Beltran - CF

Carlos Beltran - CF


Greg Dobbs - 3B
Greg Dobbs – 3B
Chase Utley - 2B
Chase Utley – 2B

Jayson Werth - CF
Jayson Werth – CF

Cole Hamels - P
Cole Hamels – P


Jesus Colome - P
Jesus Colome – P

Garrett Mock - P
Garrett Mock – P


Alfonso Soriano
Alfonso Soriano – LF
Neal Cotts - P
Neal Cotts – P
Randy Wells - P
Randy Wells – P


Brandon Phillips
Brandon Phillips – 2B
Darnell McDonald
Darnell McDonald – RF
Mike Lincoln - P
Mike Lincoln – P


Roy Oswalt - P
Roy Oswalt – P
Jason Smith - SS
Jason Smith – SS
Hunter Pence
Hunter Pence – RF


Jason Kendall - C
Jason Kendall – C
J.J. Hardy
J.J. Hardy – SS
Ryan Braun
Ryan Braun – LF


Nate McLouth
Nate McLouth – CF
Brandon Moss
Brandon Moss – RF


Kyle McCellan - P
Kyle McClellan – P
Jason LaRue - C
Jason LaRue – C
Tyler Greene
Tyler Greene – SS
Skip Schumaker
Skip Schumaker – LF


Jon Garland - P
Jon Garland – P
Justin Upton
Justin Upton – RF

Felipe Lopez
Felipe Lopez – 2B


Huston Street - P
Huston Street – P
Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart – 3B
Ryan Spilborghs
Ryan Spilborghs


Casey Blake
Casey Blake – 3B
Andre Ethier
Andre Ethier – RF
Matt Kemp
Matt Kemp – CF


Chris Burke
Chris Burke – SS
Kevin Kouzmanoff
Kevin Kouzmanoff – 3B
Chase Headley
Chase Headley – LF


Barry Zito - P
Barry Zito – P
Brian Wilson - P

Brian Wilson - P

Kevin Frandsen

Kevin Frandsen - 2B

I must say the talent in Philly and St. Louis is to be commended.  My only feeling after going through every MLB team roster, is it too much to ask for players to adopt the love of ink that pervades the NFL and NBA??? I think not boys!

14 thoughts on “The All-Star Break Called… Part Deux

  1. Hel-LO, Kevin Frandsen. Wow.

    And let’s give the “Most Sultry Look Accomplished While Wearing A Purple Backpack” award to this Randy Wells dude. Well done.

  2. Thank you for putting Jared “Skip” Schumaker on the list! Also, The Mets are a pretty good looking team, the three you picked are very nice, but I’d include David Wright, Johan Santana, and Daniel Murphy.

  3. Ahhh… day just got exponentially better: so much talent (and loveliness) in one place. Also, love the Brandon Phillips love. It seems like so few outside of Cincy recognize his worth, esp. his beautiful defense.

  4. I’m an NL girl…Totally love that Andrew Miller, Ian Stewart, and Andre Ethier made it!

    I’d add Daniel Murphy, Ryan Madson, and maybe Kyle Lohse?

    Good choices though :) Very hotttt. And Huston Street is perfection.

    • I am going to take so much flak for this, but Huston Street does absolutely nothing for me. Nothing at all.

      But I do love Miller and Stewart.

      Also, please to add: Chad Billingsley and Brent Leach! (It’s probably not healthy for me to spend as much time watching the Dodgers as I do. But it is fun.)

      • While I vehemently disagree with you about Street, I have to allow you your own opinion. That way, I too can voice my own dissent and say I’ve never understood those who think Jeff FAILcouer is attractive.

  5. I liked the pic of Ass-fonso Soriano.

    And I must say we need David Wright in there. The Met I cannot hate.

  6. Aah, Chase Utley! Love him!

    And I have to agree with the other people who mentioned him…this list needs some David Wright.

  7. You looked at the Nationals roster, and the two best looking players you came up with are Jesus Colome and Garrett Mock?! What about Ryan Zimmerman?? They’ve also got a rookie pitcher on their roster now named Craig Stammen who has some serious hottie potential…..

    • yeah… zimmerman doesn’t do it for me… i would add stammen though, holy hell his eyes are beautiful!

      i just checked out your blog, i love that you followed mussina to the yanks! i grew up in maryland and was always a yanks fan but loved mussina and brady anderson!

      • Thumbs down to Zimm, eh? To each her own! LOL Stammen, on the other hand, does have those awesome blue eyes. Definite hottie potential.

        I loved Brady too. When Brady and Moose both played for Baltimore, I had a website for them — “Birds of a Feather.” Needless to say, that name had to go after Moose signed with the Yankees!

        FYI, I included a link to this blog in the links list on my blog.

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