In 50 words: Sunday stuff

After this paragraph, I’ve got just 50 words to fill you in on the big sports stories from Sunday. For the record, I’ll count a game’s score as one word (so “2-1″ is one word). Since there are lots of photos, I made them small, but you can click each photo to see the full-size version. Here we go!
Throat slashed, Wings win.

Orlando dominates, Celts done.

Lakers send Rockets packing.

Mets: covered here.

Walkoffs for Yanks and Mariners

Royals err 4x, still win

Detroit sweeps, alone in first.


Pitcher DH‘s, Rays win.

Angels swept.

Peavy wins.

Cubs’ rally insufficient.

Brewers stomp Cards.

Kershaw loses no-no, wins game

2 thoughts on “In 50 words: Sunday stuff

  1. Burish was so lucky. I remember the last two times I’ve seen that happen, both which resulted in major bloodloss (I will never be able to get all that red ice out of my mind).

    Yay Orlando! I <3 Courtney Lee.

    Boo Padres. How is it that Cincinnati can beat teams like the Cards, but loses repeatedly to teams like Pittsburgh and San Diego?!

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