Heat on the Ice: les beaux gars


So we’re headed into Victoria Day weekend here in Canada, where we celebrate the birthday of our current reigning sovereign  by opening up our cottages and drinking mass quantities of beer. As for me, I’m spending a long weekend WITHOUT MR. BEE AND THE KIDS in beautiful Montreal visiting family. Hello, H&M. Bonjour, poutine (above).

In celebration of my little vacation in la belle province, here’s a few of our favourite NHL players who can call Quebec chez nous.




Marc-André Fleury


Martin Brodeur (um, wow.)


Daniel Brière


Jason Pominville



Éric Bélanger


José Théodore


(that one’s for Raven)

8 thoughts on “Heat on the Ice: les beaux gars

  1. That poutine is the best looking thing on this page. I like Jason Pominville better with his long hair. But this is one of the reasons that the QMJHL is better than the O or the dub.

  2. So much beauty under such grossness!! (sorry, poutine freaks me out. frites with different sauce on the other hand….)
    Thanks for the Pominville…I love him because, well, I have to ♥

  3. Ahhh…..J’adore les Canadiens francais! Now I remember why I took four years of French in HS. I love just saying their names-it so adds to their sexiness.

    I love the poutine too. Although I think I may be the American that does.

  4. I think the Brodeur one is my favourite. What can I say… I like the older guys.

    Nice to see the passionate and varying opinions on the players…and poutine! Thanks everyone!

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